Welcome Our New Member: OYSTERLICIOUS

June 28, 2019 / By Jin Zhang
Cancham would like to offer a warm welcome to our new member: OYSTERLICIOUS! The Oysterlicious Group started from founder Rudy Guo’s dream to bring oyster culture to China. Since the opening of its first restaurant in Shanghai in 2008, the Oysterlicious Group has continued to develop and open new restaurants, … Continue reading "Welcome Our New Member: OYSTERLICIOUS"...

Welcomes our New Platinum Member: Saimen

June 27, 2019 / By Jin Zhang
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome Saimen as our new PLATINUM MEMBER! Saimen is a group of companies based in China and Canada that operate and invest in high-tech manufacturing through our main brand Saimen, and in the entertainment sector through our sister brand Saimen Entertainment. The … Continue reading "Welcomes our New Platinum Member: Saimen"...

加拿大签证申请指南 | Visa Application to Canada

June 21, 2019 / By Jin Zhang
近年来,加拿大以其多元化文化环境,发达的经济水平,和高水准的生活品质吸引了不少国民。不论你是选择去加拿大度假,留学,或工作,签证办理总是必不可少的程序。那么,我们该如何申请加拿大签证呢? Over the years, Canada has attracted many people to its diverse cultural environment. Whether you choose to go to Canada for vacation, education, or work, visa applications are essential for Chinese travellers. Here are some useful links for you to start your visa application to Canada! 加拿大签证中心 | Visa … Continue reading "加拿大签证申请指南 | Visa Application to Canada"...
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