Message from the Executive Director

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Hello All,

Let me begin by wishing you a Happy Dragon Boat Festival! The holiday marks the end of the first half of 2020. It offers a good time to reflect upon this interesting year, and a chance to assess how we are operating during these interesting times. 

We are navigating a new era. One that was thrust upon us, outside what was accounted for in conventional contingency planning. We are well positioned. The quick and effective measures enacted to combat Covid-19 in Shanghai and throughout China have paved the way for a return to life as usual far ahead of any city globally.

The business community, not to say humanity at large, is being forced to adapt to the new ways of things, while simultaneously having a say in what the new ways of things are. How quickly we adapt to our new circumstances will determine if Shanghai remains the global leading market emerging from pandemic times. We have a chance to be prime movers in a new order.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is here to support. We work for our Members and with our Partners. We are the voice of the Canadian business community in China, we are the forum for discussion, we are the entry point for new ventures & investments, and we are the contact point to our Chinese counterparts. We are the China Traders of new. And we’re here to work with you!

The Chamber has recently gone through changes. With that in mind, I would like to personally thank all Members of the CanCham Board of Directors, as voted by our community, for their vote of confidence in naming me Acting Executive Director through this turbulent time. It is an endorsement of the highest regard. I would also like to thank Members of the Advisory Council and our Committees for their equal support. And I would like to thank Mathieu Cormier for leaving big shoes to fill. I wish you and your family all the best in your return to Canada! I look forward to working with all stakeholders and Members of our great Chamber!

CanCham is open for business! 


Matt Whately

Executive Director

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai






加中商会最近经历了许多的变动,在这里我要感谢加中商会的所有成员以及董事会。是经由董事会投票决定在这特殊期间信任并且交付于我代理执行董事的职位,这是具有极高的荣誉象征。我同时也希望感谢咨询委员会以及委员会成员们的支持。在这里我还要感谢前执行董事Mathieu Cormier,并且祝福他与他的家人回加拿大之后一切安好!我期待着与所有商会的成员以及合作伙伴比肩同行,迈向更美好的未来!



Matt Whately



Executive Team

As the executive arm of the Chamber, CanCham Shanghai’s team takes care of the daily operations of the Chamber. If you require any assistance regarding our events, promotional platforms or services, you may contact any one of our team members.

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