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February 5, 2024 / CanCham

About the Awards

The China Business Impact Awards are a prestigious recognition of significant contributions and positive impacts that businesses have made on the country, the region, and the world. Through developments in innovation, sustainability, product & service creation, branding, and DEI, businesses make their impact felt, bridging the gap between societies, economies, and fostering international understanding and cooperation.

Join us as we showcase excellence, strengthen ties between cross-border collaborators, encourage best practices, and create new benchmarks for success. The China Business Impact Awards are open to any business making their positive impact while operating in China (local and international).

The Awards are organized by CanCham Shanghai, supported by the Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai, and partner BritCham Shanghai, seeking to highlight the positive impact business makes in our world today.

Key Dates

Jan 26: Nomination Period Opens

Feb 29: Nomination Period Closes

Mar 1 – Mar 15: Panel Judging Period

Mar 15: Award Finalists Announced

Mar 16 – Mar 22: Advisory Council Review & Audit of Winners

Mar 28: China Business Impact Awards Ceremony, Award Winners Announced

Categories & Awards

Award: Regional Partnership Excellence Award

Criteria: This distinguished award recognizes an organization that has excelled in fostering impactful partnerships within Asia-Pacific. The company should demonstrate innovative collaboration with local businesses, government entities, or community groups that have yielded substantial economic, social, or environmental benefits over the past year. The award celebrates not only the establishment of these partnerships but also their ongoing management, growth, and the positive outcomes they have generated. Emphasis is placed on partnerships that are sustainable, mutually beneficial, and have set a precedent for cooperative success in the region. Evaluation will consider the scope of the partnerships, the challenges overcome, and the measurable improvements made in regional development and prosperity.

Nomination Form:

Award: Most Innovative Business Solution of the Year

Criteria: This award recognizes a company that has introduced a remarkable B2B or B2C product or service within the past year. The solution should stand out in its innovation, showcasing unique features or approaches that set it apart from existing market options. Additionally, the impact of the solution on consumers, either through its practicality, efficiency, or novelty, is a key consideration.

Nomination Form:

Award: Leader in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Criteria: This award recognizes an organization that has exemplarily integrated sustainability into its supply chain operations over the past year. The award highlights efforts in enhancing environmental stewardship, promoting ethical sourcing, and advancing social responsibility within the supply chain. Key factors include the effectiveness of sustainable practices, the degree of innovation in solving supply chain challenges sustainably, and the overall impact on environmental and social metrics.

Nomination Form:

Award: Best New Product or Service of the Year

Criteria: This award is presented to an organization that has introduced an exceptional product or launched a ground-breaking service within the past year. The product or service should stand out for its substantial impact compared to existing market options. Evaluation focuses on its innovation, design, effectiveness, and the positive effects it brings to its users or the industry. The product or service should exemplify excellence in fulfilling consumer needs, enhanced user experiences, or performance enhancements that set a new benchmarks in its category.

Nomination Form:

Award: Most Impactful Branding and Marketing Campaign of the Year

Criteria: This accolade is awarded to a branding and marketing campaign that has made a significant and measurable impact over the past year. The campaign should have achieved outstanding results in terms of audience reach, engagement, and conversion rates. Emphasis is placed on the campaign’s effectiveness in achieving its objectives, whether in terms of market penetration, brand recognition, or sales growth. The campaign should also demonstrate a strong connection with its target audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Nomination Form:

Award: Champion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Award

Criteria: This prestigious award is given to an organization that has demonstrated outstanding commitment and effectiveness in implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices. The recipient should have shown remarkable progress in creating a diverse workforce, fostering an inclusive culture, and ensuring equitable opportunities for all employees. Evaluation will consider the depth and breadth of DEI initiatives, their impact on the organization and its stakeholders, and the innovative strategies used to promote DEI within the workplace.

Nomation Form:

To Apply
To apply to as a nominee to the China Business Impact Awards, download the above nomination form for that award, and email it to: 
Deadline: February 29, 2024

Awards Ceremony

Join us on March 28 at the Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor for the China Business Impact Awards Ceremony. The event will be conducted in two parts. First, a series of discussion panels centered around each category. The panelists will be made up of the award nominee finalists, and a moderator who will guide a conversation around the topic of the award. After each panel session, the winner of the award, as selected by the judges during the judging period, will be announced.

Following the panel discussions and award announcements, a sit-down networking dinner will take place, in which attendees will be able to engage in prolonged networking and connection building opportunities.

6:20pmCeremony OpeningSpeech by Consule General in Shanghai Mr. Dave Murphy
6:30pmRegional Partnership Excellence Award Panel
6:40pmRegional Partnership Excellence AwardWinner Announcement
6:45pmMost Innovative Business Solution of the Year Award Panel
6:55pmMost Innovative Business Solution of the Year AwardWinner Announcement
7:00pmLeader in Sustainable Supply China Management Award Panel
7:10pmLeader in Sustainable Supply China Management AwardWinner Announcement
7:15pmBest New Product or Service of the Year Award Panel
7:25pmBest New Product or Service of the Year AwardWinner Announcement
7:30pmMost Impactful Branding and Marketing Campaign of the Year Award Panel
7:40pmMost Impactful Branding and Marketing Campaign of the Year Winner Announcement
7:45pmChampion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Award Panel
7:55pmChampion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) AwardWinner Announcement
7:55pmCeremony Closure
8:00pm – 9:30pmNetworking Dinner

Judging Process

The judging process for the China Business Impact Awards is a three-step approach and is fully audited by an independent Advisory Council. This system is designed to eliminate any potential bias on the part of any judge or member of the advisory panel.

Step One

Once the application period closes, all applications will be reviewed by independent judging panels (consisting of 1 Lead Judge + 2 Panel Judges) in each of the six award categories. The judging panels will exercise due diligence of all nominees. The judging panels will shortlist a maximum of five finalists in each category at this stage – and all of whom will be announced by March 15.

Step Two

The shortlisted finalists will then be reviewed by the Advisory Council (consisting of CanCham Shanghai, BritCham Shanghai and other members) who will independently assess the five shortlisted finalists and panel judged winner.

Step Three

The final votes will be weighted at 75% by the Judging Panel and 25% by the Advisory Council to determine a winner for each award. The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in Shanghai on March 28.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The China Business Impact Awards would not be possible without public and private contributions. If your organization is interested in supporting the championing of the role business has on creating meaningful impact, then contact us at ChinaBusinessImpactAwards@cancham.asia. Sponsorship of Specific Awards, and of the Ceremony as a whole are available.

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