China Business Impact Awards Nominations Now Open

January 26, 2024 / CanCham Shanghai

Nominations for the China Business Impact Awards are now open!

Key Dates:

Nominations Open: January 26, 2024

Nominations Close: Feburary 29, 2024

Finalists Annouced: March 15, 2024

Awards Ceremony and Winners Announced: March 28, 2024

To Apply: To apply to as a nominee to the China Business Impact Awards, see the below categories and awards. If your company qualifies for an award, download the attached nomination for that award, and email:

Categories & Awards

Award: Regional Partnership Excellence Award

Criteria: This distinguished award recognizes an organization that has excelled in fostering impactful partnerships within Asia-Pacific. The company should demonstrate innovative collaboration with local businesses, government entities, or community groups that have yielded substantial economic, social, or environmental benefits over the past year. The award celebrates not only the establishment of these partnerships but also their ongoing management, growth, and the positive outcomes they have generated. Emphasis is placed on partnerships that are sustainable, mutually beneficial, and have set a precedent for cooperative success in the region. Evaluation will consider the scope of the partnerships, the challenges overcome, and the measurable improvements made in regional development and prosperity.

Nomination Form:

Award: Most Innovative Business Solution of the Year

Criteria: This award recognizes a company that has introduced a remarkable B2B or B2C product or service within the past year. The solution should stand out in its innovation, showcasing unique features or approaches that set it apart from existing market options. Additionally, the impact of the solution on consumers, either through its practicality, efficiency, or novelty, is a key consideration.

Nomination Form:

Award: Leader in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Criteria: This award recognizes an organization that has exemplarily integrated sustainability into its supply chain operations over the past year. The award highlights efforts in enhancing environmental stewardship, promoting ethical sourcing, and advancing social responsibility within the supply chain. Key factors include the effectiveness of sustainable practices, the degree of innovation in solving supply chain challenges sustainably, and the overall impact on environmental and social metrics.

Nomination Form:

Award: Best New Product or Service of the Year

Criteria: This award is presented to an organization that has introduced an exceptional product or launched a ground-breaking service within the past year. The product or service should stand out for its substantial impact compared to existing market options. Evaluation focuses on its innovation, design, effectiveness, and the positive effects it brings to its users or the industry. The product or service should exemplify excellence in fulfilling consumer needs, enhanced user experiences, or performance enhancements that set a new benchmarks in its category.

Nomination Form:

Award: Most Impactful Branding and Marketing Campaign of the Year

Criteria: This accolade is awarded to a branding and marketing campaign that has made a significant and measurable impact over the past year. The campaign should have achieved outstanding results in terms of audience reach, engagement, and conversion rates. Emphasis is placed on the campaign’s effectiveness in achieving its objectives, whether in terms of market penetration, brand recognition, or sales growth. The campaign should also demonstrate a strong connection with its target audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Nomination Form:

Award: Champion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Award

Criteria: This prestigious award is given to an organization that has demonstrated outstanding commitment and effectiveness in implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices. The recipient should have shown remarkable progress in creating a diverse workforce, fostering an inclusive culture, and ensuring equitable opportunities for all employees. Evaluation will consider the depth and breadth of DEI initiatives, their impact on the organization and its stakeholders, and the innovative strategies used to promote DEI within the workplace.

Nomation Form:

To Apply:To apply to as a nominee to the China Business Impact Awards, download the above nomination form for that award, and email it to: 


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