Sep 27 | Individual Income Tax Reform Seminar

22 9 月, 2021 / CanCham



与此同时,上海临港、粤港澳大湾区、海南等特定地区的“高素质人才”仍存在一些有效的股权收入优惠政策和税收支持。许多公司和外籍人士期待了解如何利用这些政策来实现税收效率。 本次研讨会将分享最新的法规、实践、提供税收筹划机会,并为公司和外籍人士提供其他相关信息。


Sherry Chen (Associate Director – Tax (Global Mobility Services and Private Client Services) of Grant Thornton China)
Sherry Chen

Associate Director – Tax (Global Mobility Services and Private Client Services) 

Grant Thornton China

Sherry has more than 13 years experience in delivering services to many key clients including Private Client Services and Global Mobility Services.

Sector experience
Sherry’s primary professional experience includes but is not limited to 

  • PRC Individual Income Tax (IIT) advisory and compliance services for domestic clients;
  • PRC IIT consultation, compliance and advisory for global mobile group of people of MNCs.
  • Equity plan and employee benefit trust design and implementation services for local enterprises, foreign exchange and tax consultation and compliance for global equity plans.
  • Tax planning for high-net-worth individuals, e.g. in share transactions, M&A deals and enterprise restructuring.
Yvon Russon
Founder and CEO
SONG Co.Ltd.

Yvon RUSSON is founder and CEO of SONG Co .Ltd. a fiduciary company also engaged in M&A advisory with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Paris. He is also Co Asian regional director of SFAI, who is the 16th international network of professional firms validated by IFAC (International Federation of accountants). His also co-director of a chaire in intercultural management at the College Poly technique International, based in Liege, and Associate expert on multicultural aspects in the process of decision making at LABDEC. He has previously worked for European and American MNCs at different levels from marketing to GM.

He holds several masters in different areas from business to management.

He works with Chinese group for M&A and business structuration in Europe. Among his customers some companies in alcohol, aerospace, digital industry…

06:30 PM – 07:00 PM Registration
07:00 PM – 7:20 PM Part I

Tax and social security regulation change for expats

7:20 PM – 08:00 PM Part II 

Tax planning opportunities

1. Preferential tax treatment on equity income
2. Tax support in LinGang, Hainan, and the Greater Bay Area

08:00 PM – 08:15 PM Tea break

08:15 PM – 08:45 PM Part III

The effects of tax change regulations

08:45 PM – 09:00 PM Q&A

地点: 致同办公室

日期: 2021 年 9 月 27 日
星期一 07:00pm – 09:00pm

票价: 会员:100元 非会员:200元

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