PPE Procurement Guide and Contact List

April 16, 2020 / CanCham

Thanks to AmCham team and all their efforts for providing the groundwork on this PPE procurement guide. This list is reprinted with permission from AmCham Shanghai.

CanCham has localized the information for Canadian supply chains. The following guide is to help Canadian entities procure personal protective equipment (PPE) from China. The following guide is not all-inclusive. It has been compiled from discussion with member companies that have procurement experience. Please reach out to info@cancham.asia with any questions or for assistance with requests, orders or donations. 


1. Step-by-Step PPE Procurement Guide

Please note that additional steps may be necessary depending on your specific situation. Please refer to the contact list in part 3 of this guide to connect with suppliers/traders, lawyers, logistics providers, third-party quality control auditors and financial service providers.

2. Sourcing from China Best Practices

The following is a list of best practices to keep in mind when sourcing from China during ordinary market operations. Please note that not all may be applicable if sourcing PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Manufacturers Only: Try to avoid middleman trading companies pretending to be factories.
  2. Accredited Factories & Products: Thoroughly vet the certifications as genuine. Also, a factory should provide multiple samples in advance for end-user inspection and approval. The factory must be held accountable to produce exactly as sampled and per specification.
  3. People’s Republic of China Export Permitted: Ensure China government allows this product by this vendor specifically to be exported to Canada at this time.
  4. References: The vendor must provide multiple client references and those should be followed-up on for commentary.
  5. Third-Party Quality Control: An auditor needs to be on site during and after production to ensure adherence to specifications, quality standards and that it is on schedule for committed to completion date milestones.
  6. Sales Contract: Any contract should be reviewed by an experienced global supply chain practitioner to ensure it is detailed and includes enough protection clauses to prevent errors due to incompetence or trickery. Quality of Workmanship, Adherence to Specifications, Price Consistency and On-Time Finishing Production must all be written into the contract.  Penalties and/or rewards could also be written into the contract to ensure on time performance.
  7. Logistics: Should generally be controlled by the Canadian purchaser and budgeted for either air freight, sea freight or sea/air combination.
  8. Payment: Should be either a Letter of Credit, which is rigid and bureaucratic but protects all parties, or a 20% deposit. (NB: For sourcing PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic, a higher deposit is often required.) 
  9. Canadian Customs Duty: Parties should verify present import duty rates and check if they must pay punitive duties or could seek exemption.
  10. Priorities: Amongst the various State or local purchasers, it would be logical to have a coordinated order of urgency, or else orders could be chaotic.
  11. China+n: It would be helpful to have multiple countries of origin to source from where possible.
  12. Exceptional importation and sale of medical devices in relation to COVID-19: Overview (Click here for information.)

3. Government of Canada Specifications for COVID-19 Product

Note: please check for regular updates using the following link: https://buyandsell.gc.ca/specifications-for-COVID-19-products#700 

In support of the Government of Canada’s response to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we are providing the specifications for the various types of products below:

  • Disposable N95 masks
  • Disposable surgical masks
  • Nitrile gloves / Vinyl gloves

For More information, please CLICK HERE

4. PPE Procurement Contact List

CanCham Shanghai has collated a list of personal protective equipment (PPE) suppliers, lawyers, logistics providers and financial service companies that can help with PPE procurement from China. This list will be updated as we gain more contacts.

Please note that the following PPE suppliers and traders have been recommended by CanCham Shanghai member companies. CanCham Shanghai has not independently verified the suppliers but can connect interested parties with third-party auditors.



Jiangsu Yuyue Medical Equipment & Supply Co., Ltd. 

NMPA Registration: YES (as of April 8)
Location: Danyang City, Jiangsu
Products: Ventilators, head thermometers, oxygenerators, breathing masks
Order time: Four weeks
Capacity: Varies, probably around 50 but need to reach out to supplier
Contact info: Jennifer Lu, (+86) 136 0610 9828, Jennifer.lu@yuyue.com.cn

Nantong Hymo Industrial Corp., Ltd.

NMPA Registration: NO (as of April 8)
Location: 20 Yuejiang Road, Nantong, Jiangsu
Products: Reusable isolation gown
Contact info: Angel Zhao, (+86) 138 1461 5040, angel_zhao@hymotex.com

Wuxi Hongdou Sports Co., Ltd.

NMPA Registration: NO (as of April 8)
Location: 22/F Fortune Plaza, 578 Dongxiang Road, Xianshan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu
Products: KN95 masks, disposable medical masks, isolation gowns
Contact info: Ada, ada.xia@hongdou.com

Sumec Textile & Light Industry Co., Ltd

NMPA Registration: NO (as of April 8)
Location: Nanjing
Products: N95/FFP3 masks, FFP2 masks, KN95 masks, disposable masks, hand sanitizer
Contact info: Lili Gu, (+86) 138 1400 0714, gulili@sumec.com.cn

Suzhou Liliangji Health Industry

NMPA Registration: NO (as of April 8)
Location: Suzhou
Products: Disposable medical masks
Contact info: Zhao Yimin, (+86) 139 6216 3489

Terbit China Company Limited

NMPA Registration: NO (as of April 8)
Products: Disposable masks, KN95 masks, non-sterile disposable protective suits for medical use, sterile disposable protective suit for medical uses, safety goggles
Contact info: Eric Chu, (+86) 138 1863 3163, ericchuhk28@163.com

Taixing Suxing Co., Ltd.

NMPA Registration: NO (as of April 8)
Location: Taizhou, Jiangsu
Products: Ventilators
Order time: Two months
Capacity: 50 ventilators
Contact info: Wu Zhihua, (+86) 139 0526 6067, 1458415765@qq.com


上海赤萌市场营销策划有限公司Red Gate International (Shanghai) Limited / W&L Consulting Co.

  • Contact Person: Henry Mao
  • Mobile: +86 135 6431 1004
  • Office: +86 (21) 6075 1086

艾巨(上海)实业有限公司 Angel & Co

  • Contact Person: Joey Nguyen,

Golden Pacific Fashion & Design Co Limited. 

  • Contact Person: Michael Crotty
  • Address: 105 Gao An Rd., Suite 1204, Shanghai 200031 
  • Mobile: 86.139.1723.9971
  • Products: 3-ply and 4-ply KN95 Nonwoven Disposable Protective Masks

Brand Sky Holdings Co. Ltd.

  • Contact Person: Brandon 杜景豪
  • Mobile: +86 186 2113 3088  
  • Products: test kits, ventilators, nebulizers, and protective gears

Medical Products HUB

  • Contact Person: Nigel Blair 
  • Phone: +86 (0)10 5960 5289
  • Mobile: +61 (0)418 208 436 | 

Global Sourcing Services Pty Ltd (GSS)

  • Contact Person: Cara Kenny
  • Mobile: (+61) 424 711 717
  • Phone: 1300 312 558
  • Products: N95 Face Masks, 3 Ply Face Masks, Protective Goggles/Glasses/Shields/Visors, Surgical Gowns, Isolation Gowns, Disposable Aprons, Shoe Covers

Law Firms

Jade & Fountain PRC lawyers

Lawson Lundell LLP

Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP

McMillan LLP


River Delta Law Firm


The following logistics providers can help answer questions on logistics pricing, steps on how to ship, and the documents are required for export.

Quality Control Auditing/Consultants

The following quality control auditors and consultants can help determine whether a supplier’s product meets quality standards and perform reasonable assurance over the claims being made by the factories.

Bureau Veritas

Pro QC

  • China: Pablo Cardenas, Supplier Development Project Manager, (+86) 158 6757 5040, WeChat: pcecheverria, pablo_cardenas@proqc.com
  • USA: Jennifer Stepniowski, Regional Director – Americas, (+1) 813 428 3277, jenn@proqc.com

Tidal Wave Consulting

Financial Services

The following financial service providers can help answer questions on payment logistics.

Bank of Montreal (China) Co. Ltd. Shanghai branch (BMO)

The TD Bank Financial Group

National Bank of Canada Shanghai Representative Office

The Bank of Nova Scotia Shanghai Branch

Export Development Canada (EDC)