Canada Month Celebration

June 22, 2022 / CanCham

Greetings Members!

In lieu of our traditional annual Canada Day event, this year we are proud to announce Canada Month!

To make up for the past few months and brighten your spirits throughout the month of July, CanCham is holding not one, not two, but four exciting events in an extended Canada Day celebration.

Dates and locations are all subject to change depending on local covid policies.

The events are as follows:

Canada Month Barbeque – Amazing BBQ that can’t be beat!

Date: Saturday July 2nd

Location: Pistolera Mexican Cantina (Shanghai Centre)

Join us for a buffet at the greatest place in town, featuring a lunch buffet, good drinks and good times: the perfect get together for the community to congregate and celebrate Canadian summertime culture! The event is family friendly and corporate friends friendly. Everyone is welcome!

Canada Month Salute to Rock – The Red Stars playing top Canadian Rock Tunes!

Date: Wednesday July 6th

Location: The Pearl

Come out to our favourite historic theatre venue and join us for this Rock Show to celebrate a rollin’ slice of Canadian culture in Shanghai. The Red Stars will be leading the charge performing all your rock favourites. Sit back with your business partners and have a drink or jump up in salute to the rock gods!!!

Canada Month 3rd Annual Ball Hockey Championship

Date: Sunday July 10th

Location: Huangpu Binjiang Skateboard Extreme Park

This tradition in the making has been a top event of the last two years. Sign your team up and keep the ball rolling for the third year in a row! It will be a day of fun times, friendly competition, and community spirit: a celebration of Canadian culture through one of Canada’s favourite pastimes!

Canada Month Poutine Cook-Off – More than you can poutine your stomach!

Date: TBD

Location: TBD

Canada’s world-renowned national dish is a taste of heaven, the kind of heaven that you can’t stop poutine in your stomach! Potato, gravy, cheese curds, and if you feel fancy, various toppings. And on top of all this, Shanghai’s best and brightest chefs will be vying for your approval to determine who makes the best poutine in all the land. Have your say and vote for the winner!

After a difficult first half of the year, we hope this month of events can contribute to your good memories of 2022!!

See you there!