Xebec Adsorption (Shanghai ) Co., Ltd.

Xebec Adsorption (Shanghai) Co., Ltd is the subsidiary of Xebec Inc., a Canadian listed technology company. And in 2015, xebec Shanghai changed into a joint venture of Xebec Inc. and Shenergy Group. Based on its rich experience and fast development, Xebec focuses on developing products, devices, system and technology solutions. Xebec designs and manufactures one train/ multi-trains PSA-based gas treatment facilities. Main systems include Biogas Upgrading System for purifying methane which is from agricultural anaerobic digestor, landfill sites and sewage treatment works into biogas used as low-carbon transportation fuel and pipeline gas, Hydrogen Purification System for fuel cell and industry, Natural Gas Dryer for natural gas station and so on. With the advanced adsorption technology, Xebec has supplied more than 9000 adsorption systems to more than 1500 customers worldwide.