Shanghai United Imaging iHealthcare Investment Management Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Lianying Smart Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd. is one of the important components of United Imaging Group’s strategic sector.
It was established in October 2016 and is headquartered in Changning, Shanghai. It focuses on investment, construction, and operation of precision
medical health management and medical imaging services industry.

The first ultra high-end health management center developed by United Imaging Group is located in Xuhui District, Shanghai. Based on rich clinical
diagnosis and research experience, we aim to create a medical grade full lifecycle health management service with imaging expertise. Starting from
precision medical imaging, integrating multiple omics methods such as molecular, metabolic, and genetic approaches to achieveearly diagnosis and
timely intervention of symptoms. Develop personalized health management plans around common chronic diseases and high-risk populations, and
form health big data health records based on previous examination results to further support the design of subsequent health management plans,
exploring new models of full lifecycle health management.