赛门于 2009 年在加拿大成立,并于 2014 年在中国成立,是一家加拿大合资企业,由两家主要公司组成: 1.  赛门商务咨询,专门从事中国的技术性采购、产品工程以及为在中国运营的公司提供工程支持。 2.  赛门嘉米忻智能制造,专业从事电子、机电产品组装。我们专注于机电控制器总成、执行机构控制器以及 LED 显示和技术。 赛门拥有ISO9001和ISO27001认证。 我们的姊妹品牌 Realive 从事中国现场演出、现场娱乐和多媒体装置的运营。 Established in Canada in 2009, and in China in 2014, Saimen is a Sino-foreign joint venture entity composed of two main companies: 1. Saimen Business Consulting specializes in Technical procurement in China, Product Engineering and Engineering support to companies operating in China. 2. Saimen JMX Intelligent manufacturing specializes in Electronic and Electromechanical products assembly. We specialize in Electromechanical actuators, Actuator controllers and LED displays and technology. Saimen has both ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications.  Our sister brand Realive is involved in the operation of live events, location-based entertainment, and multimedia installations in China....

Saskatchewan China Trade and Investment Shanghai Representative Office

Established in Shanghai, China in May, 2010, the office implements a wide variety of initiatives designed by the Government of Saskatchewan and other stakeholders in Saskatchewan to profile high-value trade and investment opportunities in Saskatchewan’s agriculture and energy and resources sectors. Service: Trade & Investment – Provide assistance for Chinese … Continue reading "Saskatchewan China Trade and Investment Shanghai Representative Office"...
Education & Training

Sauder School of Business, The University of British Columbia

The UBC Sauder International MBA is a 20-month part-time MBA program offered by Sauder School of Business at University of British Columbia in partnership with Antai College of Economics and Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. This unique degree program features world-class UBC faculty, an award-winning curriculum, part-time study in China and an intensive two-week … Continue reading "Sauder School of Business, The University of British Columbia"...

Shanghai Air Nutri Solution Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Air Nutri Technology Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech group company with highly competitive innovation in the field of health medical care, focusing on charged particle wave, life science research & development, and commercialization. For years of effort, the R & D team has created the charged particle and … Continue reading "Shanghai Air Nutri Solution Technology Group Co., Ltd."...
Health & Medical

Shanghai Kaiyuan Orthopedic Hospital

Shanghai Kaiyuan Orthopedic Hospital is the affiliated hospital of Columbia China, and it’s founded in year 2005. Our hospital is accredited as one of four-star professional orthopedic hospital in Pudong New District. Kaiyuan is a designated Yibao hospital, and offers direct billing services with more than 30 commercial insurance carriers … Continue reading "Shanghai Kaiyuan Orthopedic Hospital"...

Shanghai Soucy Rubber Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Soucy Rubber Co Ltd is a manufacturer of rubber and rubber-to-metal parts for off-road vehicles, recreational vehicles, automotive & motorcycles, firefighter products, lawn & garden equipment, and other industries where rubber parts are needed. It is a Canadian investment part of Soucy Group. Shanghai Soucy Rubber Co Ltd started … Continue reading "Shanghai Soucy Rubber Co., Ltd."...


Shikatani Lacroix Design (SLD) is an award-winning leader in strategic design. With offices in Toronto, New York and Shanghai, SLD delivers transformational change for brands, from packaging and environmental design to graphics and digital. Through the proven Blink Factor and Think Blink processes, SLD is inspiring the future of retail … Continue reading "SLD"...


SMAPKA Canada Inc. has clothing brands “LOOPDIVISION” & “North explore” designed in Canada and sold in many Canadian stores. Main products are winter outerwear. The company is focusing on developing business in China and hopes to have sales in China. 加拿大司麦派克公司拥有在加拿大设计的名为“LOOPDIVISION”和“NORTH EXPLORE”的服装品牌。该公司产品在加拿大的很多家商店有在销售,主要商品为冬季外套。现公司正在注重开发中国市场,希望能在中国开始销售。 Official Website 官方网站:

Soprema (Shanghai) Construction Materials Trade Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1908 in Strasbourg, France, SOPREMA is a multinational company specialized in preventing water damage for industrial and commercial buildings, and waterproofing systems with well over 20 years lifetime in infrastructure projects. In 2004, SOPREMA CHINA was established as a subsidiary of SOPREMA CANADA, since then it has manufactured … Continue reading "Soprema (Shanghai) Construction Materials Trade Co., Ltd."...

STEMCELL Technologies China Co.,Ltd.

STEMCELL Technologies is Canada’s largest biotechnology company. Supporting global research on regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, gene therapy, immunotherapy and advanced therapies for cancer and other diseases, we offer more than 3,000 specialized products worldwide. Our primary and cultured cells, tissue culture media, cell separation reagents, instruments, accessory products and scientific … Continue reading "STEMCELL Technologies China Co.,Ltd."...