Webinar Recap: Tax, Cash Repatriation & Investment

April 14, 2020 / CanCham

Apr 2 | China COVID-19 Corporate Tax Incentives

CanCham would like to thank everyone who joined CanCham webinar “China COVID-19 Corporate Tax Incentives ” on April 2nd. Hope you enjoyed the event with valuable takeaways.

Feel free to view the webinar recording from the linkbelow upon your own interest.

Recording Link

If you would like to learn more tax knowledge from the speaker, You may scan below Qr code of Synergy Finance’s official WeChat account 

We are delighted to hear your feedback, and look forward to seeing you in the upcoming sessions.

Apr 3 | Cash Repatriation & Investment Protection

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai would like to thank everyone who attended the Cash Repatriation & Investment Protection Webinar. We hope you enjoyed the presentation and achieved some insights. Stay tuned for more upcoming webinars!

If you have’t watched this webinar or you would like to view it again, Please click below link:

Recording Link

For more webinar recap videos, please visit our weibo page:

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