May 22 | Rooftop BBQ Bash

May 12, 2021 / CanCham

CanCham Shanghai is delighted to invite all our members and friends to join us for the Rooftop BBQ Bash, featuring a buffet BBQ lunch, drinks, and good times at Pistolera Hengshan Road Rooftop on Saturday, May 22nd, 2021.

Austcham Shanghai is delighted to support this event. Pistolera is part of the True Legend Hospitality Group, a proud CanCham and Austcham Shanghai member for many years.

Members and their friends are welcome to join the Rooftop BBQ Bash, featuring a buffet BBQ lunch, drinks, and good times!

Ticket Price includes two hours of BBQ buffet lunch (12:30pm – 2:30pm) plus two drinks from the drink menu.


上海澳大利亚商会很高兴为此次活动提供支持。PistoleraTrue Legend Hospitality Group的一部分,True Legend Hospitality Group是加中商会和上海澳大利亚商会多年来的会员。欢迎会员和他们的朋友加入屋顶烧烤派对,享受自助烧烤午餐,饮料和美好时光!


Buffet Menu 自助餐菜单

Grilled spicy sausage 炙烤辣味香肠

Grilled pork riblets 炙烤猪肋排

Grilled chicken leg 炙烤鸡腿

Grilled herbed mushroom 烤蘑菇

Grilled corn skewer 玉米棒

Mini fajita beef burrito 迷你牛肉法嘿他卷饼

Cholula salad 朝鲁拉色拉

Coleslaw 卷心菜色拉

Chips and fresh tomato salsa 玉米片配番茄莎莎

Shrimp with tequila cocktail sauce 龙舌兰鸡尾酒汁虾仁

Cheese quesadillas 墨西哥芝士饼

Mexican sopes 墨西哥腊肠玉米塔

Seasonal fruit platter 时令水果拼盘

Any 2 drinks you can choose from below 以下任选两杯饮品

Drink Menu 酒水单

Beast Of The East Craft Beer 东方野兽精酿啤酒

Dos amigos 经典精酿啤酒

Margarita classic 经典玛格丽塔

House wine (white or red) 红酒&白葡萄酒

House Tequila 龙舌兰

Smirnoff Vodka 斯米尔诺夫伏特加

Gordon’s Gin 戈登的杜松子酒

Bacardi Rum, Jim Beam 百加得朗姆酒,吉姆·比姆

All served with standard mixers, Red Bull and Cranberry Juice not included

Soft Drinks 软饮

Coke 可乐

Sprite 雪碧

Soda Water 苏打水

Tonic Water 汤力水

Ginger Ale 干姜

Diet Coke 健怡可乐

Coke Zero 零度可乐

Orange Juice 橙汁

Apple Juice 苹果汁

Pineapple Juice 菠萝汁

Grapefruit Juice 葡萄柚汁

Tomato juice 番茄汁


Pistolera Hengshan Road Rooftop

Floor 2, No. 2, 838 Hengshan Road, Xujiahui, Shanghai


Date: Saturday, May 22, 2021

12:30 PM – 3:00 PM


Member Early Bird Price: 350 RMB (before May 19)

Non-member Price: 400 RMB

Children 4-12 years Old: 200 RMB

Adult Ticket includes BBQ Buffet and 2 drinks

Buy Ticket: https://cancham.glueup.cn/event/rooftop-bbq-bash-31445/

Or scan the QR code: