Laptop Computers Donation from CN

March 4, 2022 / CanCham

Continuing with their legacy of going above and beyond for their community, recently Canadian National Railway (CN) has generously gifted 12 laptops and 8 monitors to CanCham to help with the Chamber’s operations. The contribution was made after CN, upon seeing the outdated equipment at CanCham office, offered to contribute 12 of their latest laptops and 8 monitors to us to help CanCham support other Canadian organizations succeed.

We at CanCham are deeply moved by the considerate act, and the welcomed upgrades will no doubt greatly benefit chamber operations and allow for us to support our members faster and with greater capacity. The laptops consist of Dell Latitude 7400 and 7490s, which were delivered by CN’s Asia General Manager Gabriel Lagunes at 11 AM, Tuesday Mar. 1. CanCham would like to thank CN for their gift, an act that shows their dedication to the Canadian business community as well as another sign of the long-lasting friendship that has fostered between our 2 organizations.

CN has consistently gone above and beyond in its contributions to both CanCham and the larger Shanghai Canadian business community. As a long running platinum member, CN has continuously supported CanCham, frequently ranking as a top 10 contributor to CanCham activities since its entry into the chamber in 2009. Their membership has allowed CanCham to develop into the leader of paving a path for Canadian businesses and investment in Shanghai.

Additionally, their contributions have allowed for CanCham to create and promote our many events, ranging from business to social. Just last year, CN contributions have helped brought about successful events such as the 14th Annual Maple Leaf Charity Ball presented by Manulife-Sinochem and the Canada @ CIIE Reception presented by JXEDZ. CN’s support has, in no small part, helped create the interconnected and friendly community that we have today.

Beyond financial contributions, CN has also been known to supply technical know how and expertise, as well as good humour to our business seminars and social events through the past 13 years, showing a strong commitment to leading and helping other Canadian firms succeed and thrive in this new environment. Only recently, Gabriel Lagunes, the Asia General Manager of CN joined us for our lantern festival social mixer to deliver a speech, bringing with him the friendliness and charm that we have come to expect from CN speakers. The success of CanCham, and the strong and helping Canadian business community in Shanghai is due in no small part to CN, who have proven themselves time and again to being a foundational pillar of the community.

For their unending commitment to fellow Canadian organizations, the generous contributions they have made not only recently but have done so continuously for the past 13 years. We thank them for their positive presence in our community!