Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi: Setting the A bar at IGCSE

February 2, 2021 / CanCham Shanghai

A Dulwich education starts with getting things right in the classroom.

— Dr. Joe Spence, Master

Dulwich College, London

Congratulations to our Year 11 students for achieving an exceptional set of IGCSE results in the Autumn round of the examinations. 100% of grades were A or A*.

We believe that academic excellence is so much more than examination results. It starts with a values led College ethos that emphasizes character development. Indeed, our College values underpin everything we do:

Aim high and work hard

Be kind and respectful

Make a difference

Academic excellence also involves:

  • Teachers who work hard to motivate, challenge and support our students to be the best they can be;
  • A rigorous and engaging curriculum that fosters curiosity and critical thinking;
  • An enrichment programme that balances breadth of experiences with meaningful opportunities for students to pursue their passions to a higher level;
  • Personalised pastoral care that supports the person as well as the student
  • A comprehensive university guidance programme that empowers our students to set goals and follow their path successfully;
  • Our Worldwise Alumni network that connects our students with a powerful network of possibilities.

This is Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi and I am immensely proud of our students’ achievements.



— Joe Spence, Master博士








  • 教师们不断激励、挑战和支持学生让他们力所能及的做到最好;
  • 严谨而互动的课程,培养学生的好奇心和批判性思维;
  • 丰富的拓展课程,让学生在丰富的经验和有意义的机会之间取得平衡,以带着热情追求更高的水平;
  • 个性化的人文关怀辅导,支持个人和学生的发展;
  • 全面性的大学指导计划,使学生们有能力设定目标并成功地走上自己的道路;
  • 我们遍布世界的校友网为学生与优秀校友的沟通创造无限的可能。