Canada Pork Now Available at Swiss Butchery

October 20, 2020 / CanCham

Maple Leaf’s Lethbridge Pork

Maple Leaf, founded in 1927, is Canada’s oldest and biggest meat processing company. With more than 11.000 employees distributed across North America and Asia, they have become one of the world’s highest quality pork producers.

The Lethbridge hogs are all the same genetics: LWD = Large White (female) x Duroc (male). They are fed with high quality barley and wheat to obtain the best marbling. The use of growth promotants is strictly prohibited to ensure an unadulterated taste and a healthy fresh meat.

In order to provide the highest quality assurance, Lethbridge processes the hogs in a HACCP approved facility, with 5 full time staff in Quality Assurance Department, 5 full time CFIA Inspectors, & 1 full time Veterinarian-in-charge.

The hogs are raised following these measures to ensure the well being of the animal:

•      Low stress environment

•      Barn employees trained in Humane Hog Handling techniques

•      Hogs are kept by producer group

•      Remote video auditing of live hogs monitored 24/7 byThird Party

In 2019 and 2020, Maple Leaf has received the highest grading certification from the Annual International Taste Institute for its rich tasting, and enticingly tender and juicy textured pork.

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•     低压力环境

•      畜棚员工接受人道养猪技术培训

•      生猪由生产集团饲养

•     由第三方对活猪进行24小时远程视频监督