Announcing the New Board of Directors – 2021 AGM

April 9, 2021 / CanCham Shanghai

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai’s Membership has voted in a new Board of Directors! The Board will hold a mandate for two (2) years, until the Annual General Meeting in March 2023. 

Ten (10) members have been elected, and will soon internally elect the Board’s Chair and Vice-Chair positions. The Board is made up of 10 elected members, including the Treasurer, and the Vice-Chair Ex Officio and Executive Director. 

The vote took place on April 9th after the original vote at the AGM on March 31st was voided due to a ballot inconsistency.

We congratulate all newly elected directors. We thank all candidates who ran for election, and all members who took the time to vote. 

The 2021-2023 CanCham Board of Directors are: 

(alphabetical order)

Alix Li

Eunice Wang

Gabriel Lagunes

Jenny Fan

Mark Ceolin

Novax Mao

Olivier Brault

Travis Joern

Veronique Gong

Willy Wang

Declaration of the CanCham Board of Directors: