altPlus Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd

altPlus uses the most rapidly renewable bamboo resource in the world, to improve life on earth. altPlus is an international, multidisciplinary, company with professional services in design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction – with dedicated expertise in engineered bamboo solutions.

One of the worlds’ foremost leaders in private, bamboo research and technology, altPlus aims to redefine commercial, industrial and infrastructure solutions through the performance of integrated bio-material solutions.


设计   Engineering

供应   Supply

施工   Execution


altPlus Architectural

Performance architectural systems in engineered bamboo


  • EB Tek™: Engineered Bamboo Door, Window and Partition Systems.
  • Glaz™: Hybrid Engineered Bamboo -DLB- Glazing System
  • Arc™ i: Engineered bamboo interiors – Ceiling, wall, acoustics, surfaces and bespoke systems
  • Arc™ e: Engineered bamboo for outdoor architectural façade, cladding and features
  • Krome™: Engineered bamboo composite materials for high performance fire requirements
  • BEEB™: Complete turnkey systems in structures for commercial, public infrastructures -bus shelters, parking canopies, solar charging ev-Stations, metro- , semi-permanent and permanent structures

altPlus EB

altPlus engineered bamboo material solutions for industry and product optimization


  • DLB™: Structural and industrial grade engineered bamboo materials in panels, lumber and mass timber components
  • EB Ply™: Engineered bamboo ply-panels for construction and industry
  • Quantum Form™: Engineered bamboo concrete form panel

altPlus Fiber

  • High performance composites and natural bamboo fiber plastics

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