CanCham Election Update 加中商会选举信息更新

April 6, 2021 / CanCham Shanghai

Dear members,

During CanCham’s 2021 Annual General Meeting, the Vice Chair Ex-Officio and members of the Advisory Council overseeing the election of the Board of Directors discovered an inconsistency with the ballots. A small number had highlighted the candidates running for Treasurer, while others had not. As Executive Director, I take full responsibility for this inconsistency and the resulting Vice Chair Ex-Officio and Advisory Council members’ call to void all election results and subsequent decision to re-vote. 

To ensure a fair and equitable vote the following steps have been put in place:

1. A new vote has been organized for FridayApril 9th 2021

If Voting Representatives wish to cast their ballot in person, they may do so at Brookfield’s Experience Center at One East, 325 Longhua East Rd, Tower A, 21 Floor between the hours of 6pm – 8pm

If Voting Representatives are not available to cast their ballot in person please email the Chamber in order to receive your absentee ballot form. 

Absentee ballot forms must be submitted tomembership@cancham.asia before Thursday April 8th 2021 at 6pm

2. Once in-person polls close at 8pm on April 9th, the Vice-Chair Ex-Officio and Advisory Council Members will oversee the vote count and declare the 2021-2023 CanCham Board of Directors. 

3. The results of the election will be announced at the physical location of the vote placement.  An announcement will also be made via CanCham formal communication channels. 


All candidate’s speeches are available for review on our website at www.cancham.asia/boardcandidates/

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we ensure a completely transparent and consistent process is held to elect our next Board. 

Best regards,

Matt Whately

Executive Director

CanCham Shanghai




1. 新的选举将于2021年4月9日星期五举行。

如果投票代表希望亲自到场投票,他们可以在下午6点到8点之间Brookfield’s Experience Center at One East进行现场投票。地址为:龙华东路325号A栋21楼



2. 4月9日晚8点现场投票结束后,董事会副主席与咨询委员会成员将会计算票数,并且宣布2021年至2023年加中商会董事会成员。

3. 选举结果将在投票地址当场宣布,我们也会将结果公布至加中商会的媒体平台。





Matt Whately,