April 13 |中美市场权益类投资策略比较与解读

April 7, 2021 / CanCham Shanghai

On April 13th, CanCham is honored to partner with our member, CreditEase, to present you China and US Investment Strategies seminar event

The global investment climate has changed significantly since the 2007 global financial meltdown. The US central bank have released its ultra-low policy rates and quantitative easing plans to alter the crisis. From the lessons we learned in the 2008 financial crisis, and under the current economic modality and background, investors ought to pay more attention to the timing and trend of their assets in order to survive under this mega-easing era. 

This seminar will be focusing on the equity management including its investing feasibility and optimal allocation plans and differences between Chinese and the US investment market.

Please note: This event will be presented in Chinese. Refreshments will be served.




Zixi Zhang

Investment Consultant Manager


MSc in Banking, Queen University of London

BSc in Government & International Relations, Hong Kong Baptist University

Joined CreditEase in 2014, based in Shanghai, serving clients for 7 years, with AUM over 2.7 billion RMB under advisory, covering more than 100 Chinese HNW and ultra HNW individuals. Specilized in alternative investments and secondary market equity investments sectors of asset allocation. Familiar in not only financial issues but also political topics between China-US relations and key global geopolitical hotspots. Providing comprehensive political and financial advisory services to clients with various backgrounds, including traditional manufaturing entrepreneurs, family offices and professionals in financial sectors. 

Career Background Highlights:

China Construction Bank, Private Banking Department

AIA Hong Kong, Equity Portfolio Investment

About CreditEase

Founded in 2006, CreditEase is the leading wealth management and inclusive finance service provider in China. Headquartered in Beijing and with offices across over the globe, CreditEase has been providing cross-border asset allocation services for Chinese high net worth individuals for over 14 years. Until 2020, CreditEase has 160 billion asset under management, covering both primary and secondary market investments, with special edge in alternative investment category, including venture capital, private equity M&A, real estate opportunistic funds, hedge funds, quantitative funds, etc. CreditEase is dedicated to provide comprehensive asset allocation service for all Chinese high net worth clients all over the world.

CreditEase成立于2006年,是中国领先的财富管理和普惠金融服务提供商。信易总部位于北京,在全球设有办事处,14年来一直为中国高净值人士提供跨境资产配置服务。到2020年,信易资产管理规模1600亿元,涵盖一、二级市场投资,在另类投资领域具有特殊优势,包括风险投资、私募股权并购、房地产投机基金、对冲基金、数量型基金等。与IDG, BlackStone, Carlyle, KPCB, Coatue等全球领先的合作伙伴一道,CreditEase致力于为全球所有中国高净值客户提供全面的资产配置服务。

Date 日期: 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

06:30 PM – 9:00 PM


Venue 地点:

Raffle City 来福士广场 Room 4701, Floor 47, 268 Middle Xizang Road, Huangpu District
Shanghai, Huangpu, China上海市黄浦区西藏中路268号来福士广场写字楼47楼4701室

Ticket 门票:    

Member Price会员价: RMB 50

Non-member Price非会员价:RMB 100