赛门于 2009 年在加拿大成立,并于 2014 年在中国成立,是一家加拿大合资企业,由两家主要公司组成: 1.  赛门商务咨询,专门从事中国的技术性采购、产品工程以及为在中国运营的公司提供工程支持。 2.  赛门嘉米忻智能制造,专业从事电子、机电产品组装。我们专注于机电控制器总成、执行机构控制器以及 LED 显示和技术。 赛门拥有ISO9001和ISO27001认证。 我们的姊妹品牌 Realive 从事中国现场演出、现场娱乐和多媒体装置的运营。 Established in Canada in 2009, and in China in 2014, Saimen is a Sino-foreign joint venture entity composed of two main companies: 1. Saimen Business Consulting specializes in Technical procurement in China, Product Engineering and Engineering support to companies operating in China. 2. Saimen JMX Intelligent manufacturing specializes in Electronic and Electromechanical products assembly. We specialize in Electromechanical actuators, Actuator controllers and LED displays and technology. Saimen has both ISO9001 and ISO27001 certifications.  Our sister brand Realive is involved in the operation of live events, location-based entertainment, and multimedia installations in China….


Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor

The twin towers of Global Harbor provide a glittering beacon, inviting guests to discover an abundance of spectacular Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor experiences. Hotel connects metro lines 3, 4 and 13 as well as Shanghai Global Harbor, one of China’s largest shopping and entertainment hubs. The landmark hotel features … Continue reading “Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor”

Food & Beverage

Distillerie Puyjalon

Distillerie Puyjalon is producing Premium Spirits from fresh and unique ingrédients harvested north of the 50th Parrallel in Quebec. We distribute our product in China. For more information about us, please visit:…

Health & Medical

Shanghai Kaiyuan Orthopedic Hospital

Shanghai Kaiyuan Orthopedic Hospital is the affiliated hospital of Columbia China, and it’s founded in year 2005. Our hospital is accredited as one of four-star professional orthopedic hospital in Pudong New District. Kaiyuan is a designated Yibao hospital, and offers direct billing services with more than 30 commercial insurance carriers … Continue reading “Shanghai Kaiyuan Orthopedic Hospital”

Real Estate

Real Land Realty Inc. Brokerage

Real Land Realty Inc. is a comprehensive real estate company registered in Ontario, Canada 2016. Real Land Realty is a full service  real estate brokerage firm that specializes in sales and leasing on all types of real properties. The company has been adhering to the concept of “Top Producer, Top … Continue reading “Real Land Realty Inc. Brokerage”


The Toronto-Dominion Bank Shanghai Representative Office

Hearquarted in Toronto, Canada, Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Bank) and its subsidiaries have over 80,000 employees in Canada, and are referred together as TD Bank Group. TD provides a wide range of financial products and services through the three major business segments worldwide:• Retail banking in Canada• Retail banking in … Continue reading “The Toronto-Dominion Bank Shanghai Representative Office”



Everwin is a leading service provider of International freight forwarding, Cross border Ecommerce logistics and one stop solutions, with carrying unique, comprehensive and tailored service to fulfill our client’s needs, with own offices in Shanghai, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Taipei, Vancouver as well as an agency network in the rest of … Continue reading “Everwin”

Engineering, Manufacturing

altPlus Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd

altPlus uses the most rapidly renewable bamboo resource in the world, to improve life on earth. altPlus is an international, multidisciplinary, company with professional services in design, engineering, manufacturing, and construction – with dedicated expertise in engineered bamboo solutions. One of the worlds’ foremost leaders in private, bamboo research and … Continue reading “altPlus Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd”

Construction, Consulting


As one of the world’s leading professional services firms, WSP provides technical expertise and strategic advice to clients in the Transportation & Infrastructure, Property & Buildings, Environment, Industry, Resources (including Mining and Oil & Gas) and Energy sectors, as well as offering project and program delivery and advisory services. Our … Continue reading “WSP”

Automotive, Energy, IT, Oil & Gas

Vidoukin Limited

Founded in 2011, headquartered in Paris, France, Vidoukin now has several branch offices, which are located in HK, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Changchun, China respectively to continuously expand its business in China. Since its establishment, Vidoukin has been specializing in Automotive, IT, Energy, Oil and Gas industries providing engineer outsourcing … Continue reading “Vidoukin Limited”