Webinar Recap: COVID-19 and Its Effect on Canadian Business in Asia

March 26, 2020 / CanCham

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai would like to thank everyone who attended CanCham’s COVID-19 and Its Effect on Canadian Business in Asia webinar on March 25th. This webinar is sponsored by Trustiics. You may check here for the video recording of this event.

Juan Aronna
Managing Director, Head of Investment Solutions & Products 
RBC Wealth Management, Asia
Sylvia Zhang
Partner Lawyer
Beijing Jaguar Law Firm
FCPA, CA,Managing Director
Integra Consulting Shanghai 

If you have any follow up questions for any of the speakers, we are happy to arrange follow up individualized meetings for you. Since 2008, CanCham has informed and promoted Canadian companies in China by way of business development services. By hosting informative forums, networking sessions, and initiating personalized connections, CanCham supports businesses growing stronger together. Our membership ranges from some of the largest and best-recognized corporations to medium and small-sized enterprises, representing a rich variety of industries. 

  • We organize 60-80 business and social events per year. These offer exposure opportunities for all members.
  • Year-round sponsorship opportunities on online and offline platforms are also available.
  • We have 10,000 followers on WeChat, and 11,000 email subscribers to leverage your message.
  • We provide matchmaking services through personalized introductions for the purposes of investment attraction in all sectors.

 If you have any further questions about the CanCham membership program, please feel free to contact membership manager Ying at (21) 6075 8798 ext. 103 or ying@cancham.asia . We are more than happy to schedule a meeting to discuss your current business interests. We look forward to seeing you again on our next event! Please check here for a list of upcoming events. Let’s connect! 

The CanCham Team



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