Newland Chase: On-Demand Webinar | China Reopens Borders: Return to China with Our Guided-Entry Visa Solution

July 21, 2020 / CanCham

China is opening its doors to business travelers and permitting eligible foreigners to return.

Watch our 30-minute, coffee-break length webinar that examines how China is reopening its borders, the impact of new roles on visas and immigration, information on applicant eligibility criteria and requirements, and guidance on fast-track routes for residents of Germany, Singapore, and South Korea. We’ll also preview how we can assist you with our Guided-Entry Visa solution. 

With on-the-ground experience and extensive knowledge of the entire China market – Newland Chase’s immigration and visa experts – Edward Hu and Jane Li – from our offices in Shanghai and Tianjin will be your guides to the rigorous application process for your mission-critical business travelers.

The webinar will examine the following:

  • Explanation of the current COVID-19 status in China and its impact on visas and immigration
  • Solutions and information on applicant eligibility criteria, government-issued Letter of Invitation (LOI), and business visa (M Visa)
  • Guidance on fast-track routes for residents of Germany, Singapore, and South Korea
  • Answers to your questions – along with how to get vital strategic guidance and tailored solutions for your business

Latest news on COVID-19 related travel and immigration disruption is available on our blog here: https://newlandchase.com/covid-19-latest-travel-and-immigration-disruption