Introducing the 2021 Festival of Education’s keynote speakers

February 3, 2021 / CanCham Shanghai

The unprecedented challenges that we have all faced in 2020 have compelled educators to adapt by adopting the latest ‘internet+’ technologies. This trend has, in turn, prompted educational institutions around the world to rethink their teaching practices as they move toward a future post-COVID-19 era. The future is always at the top of our minds at Wellington College China. It informs everything about our curriculum and our teaching methodologies, because our key mission is to equip our pupils for success in the future. In these challenging times, this is now more important than ever, which is why our theme for Wellington College China’s 2021 Festival of Education is ‘Interpreting the Future of Education’.

Events from the past years

‘Interpreting the Future of Education’

Wellington College China’s 2021 Festival of Education once again promises a roster of renowned educators, researchers, industry experts and thought leaders. They will share their ideas and debate the important issues in a series of talks, panel discussions and workshops. This year, we will explore the following five topics:

Future Schools

Early Years Education



Mental Health

We will be holding both live and virtual events at our Tianjin, Shanghai and Hangzhou campuses, and they will be open to all educators, parents and education enthusiasts. We are excited to introduce to you three of our keynote speakers this year:

In Shanghai

Mr Houqing Yin

Vice President of the Chinese Society of Education
Member of the Expert Committee of the National Textbook Committee
President of the Shanghai Education Society

Mr Yin has participated in or presided over the formulation of many major reform programmes and policies for basic education in Shanghai, including the integration of urban and suburban areas in Pudong New Area, developing management mechanisms, administration and evaluation, designing education policy systems for children of migrant workers, developing public service systems for Early Years education, integration of basic education in Shanghai’s urban and rural areas and curriculum reform for primary and secondary schools. 

 In Tianjin

Dr Dianjun Wang

Principal of Tsinghua University High School
PhD alumnus of the School of Mathematical Sciences of Peking University
Postdoctoral fellow of the Department of Mathematical Science of Tsinghua University

Dr Dianjun Wang worked in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Peking University as an associate professor, professor, PhD supervisor and party secretary from 1999 to 2006. Since 2007, he has served as the Principal of Tsinghua University High School.

Dr Wang is committed to exploring and innovating in the field of education and laying development plans for Tsinghua University High School in talent cultivation, reform, innovation and social responsibility. He is a recipient of the Contemporary Education Master Award; the National Advanced Worker in Featured Education Award; the National Outstanding Principal in Featured Education Award; the National Outstanding Principal Award for Educational Reform and Innovation; and the Outstanding Party Member of Tsinghua University Award, along with many other honours.

In Hangzhou

Mr Cuiwei Ye

Party Secretary, Principal of Hailiang Education Group 
Advanced Worker in National Education System 
Meritorious Teacher in Zhejiang Province 

Mr Ye is deputy director of the Chinese Society of Education’s Academic Committee; president of the High School Professional Commission of the Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy and vice president of the High School Professional Commission of the Chinese Society of Education. He also works as a part-time professor at Xinan University, Zhejiang Normal University and the National Training Center for Secondary School Principals, Ministry of Education. Additionally, for 17 years, he was the Principal of Hangzhou No. 2 High School. In 2007, major national educational societies selected Mr Ye as ‘Contemporary Education Master’. Most recently, in September 2020, the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government appointed him to be a contract research fellow.  

Dates and Times

The 2021 Festival of Education will feature virtual events online as well as live events at Wellington College’s Tianjin, Shanghai and Hangzhou campuses.

The virtual component of this year’s Festival of Education will comprise remote lectures and panel discussions from our guest speakers. These are open to all and free of charge.

Virtual Events

Sunday to Friday 18th – 23rd April 

(Our virtual events are open to all)

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Live Events

Saturday 17th April – Tianjin 

Saturday 24th April – Shanghai

Sunday 25th April – Hangzhou
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Inspired by the original Festival of Education held annually by our close partner, Wellington College in England, the Wellington College China Festival of Education was launched in 2015. Since then, it has grown considerably in scope and scale, gaining recognition as China’s premier event for educators seeking career development as well as parents and education enthusiasts seeking new perspectives. Every year, thousands of participants come to Wellington College China’s campuses to share new ideas and discuss the most important questions in education today.

Events from the past years

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Sponsorship/exhibiting opportunities

The Festival of Education presents the opportunity to engage with an influential and progressive, educationally-minded audience in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

We have many sponsorship options for this event. Each one offers a platform to network and promote your organisation to educators and the wider community.

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