CanCham Launches Investment Sub-Committee

September 11, 2019 / Matt

Investments in the business world come with big opportunities and big gambles. Be it the fund manager that is looking for the highest returns, reinvesting the latest earnings for an even bigger payoff at the risk of losing it all – including his shirt. Or the company CEO launching the newest and best product to market, gambling that they can make it out of development and into production with just enough capital to see them through to their first sales earnings.

Investment is many things for many people. Central questions abound from those looking to put their money down in order to reap future profits. Who to invest in? What to invest in? When to invest? And on the other side, companies navigating their roadmap to success ask themselves when is it best to raise capital, who should they take it from, and at what stake?

Added complexity is the global nature of business investments during a time of apparent political and social fragmentation. Is it an opportunity to pick up an investment round for a fledging but enticing company on the other side of the Pacific, or is it the biggest risk at the worst time. Will factors outside investors’ control hurt them, or can they win where others are too afraid to line up on the start line! 

It’s a lot to consider.

Though it doesn’t have to be considered alone. Business is often seen as a zero sum game. However the best ideas often ferment to fruition from discussion with both partners and competitors. It’s the reason Chambers of Commerce exist. As Kennedy once stated: “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Now, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai has taken a key interest in the discussions surrounding investment, and is providing a forum for it. The newly minted CanCham Investment Sub-Committee, comprised of Chamber members and key figures from the Shanghai business community, will meet to discuss investment strategies, and act as a mechanism to engage with external actors conducting investment drives both in and outside of China.

See below for a list of current investment sub-committee members:

Veronique Gong

Chief Representative, National Bank of Canada

CanCham Board of Director


James Wang

Managing Partner, TrustPlus Overseas Affairs Consulting


Russel Aydin

International Counsel, Jade & Fountain PRC Lawyers

Mike Zhou

Co-Founder, White Tiger Venture Group

Michael Charette

President, Harris Corporate Solutions Ltd.

CanCham Board of Director & Vice Chair

Sam Kong

Trade Commissioner Investment, Canadian General Consulate of Canada

CanCham Advisory Board

Wendy Wang

CEO, Shanghai Guiliang Consulting

COO, Ascent International Holdings Limited

Chair, Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant Shanghai Chapter

Mikael Goertzen

General Manager, DB Fasteners

Charles Luo

Executive Director, IntCham

AmCham Invest Committee

Alan Ng

Founder and CEO, Move to Where

Contact the Chamber if you want to know more, or get involved as well. Additionally, stay on the lookout for upcoming CanCham events regarding investment! And see you on the start line!