Box Office Open: Sep 17 | 15th Annual Maple Leaf Ball 第十五届枫叶晚宴

August 10, 2022 / Cancham

Relive the Golden Era of Shanghai. A time when top hats and qipaos were the height of fashion. When an extravagant menage of colours made decadent senses come alive. When cabaret in art deco nightclubs delighted and amazed. When the neon lights of the Bund shone bright across the whole Orient. A time when anything and everything could happen. Welcome to The Roaring 20’s… once again!

Ticket Box Office Now Open!

此刻让我们一起重温上海的黄金20年代,一个被旗袍和礼帽引领潮流的时代,一个将艺术和歌 舞表演完美融合的时代,一个由色彩碰撞充溢着我们视觉的时代。当外滩的霓虹灯照亮整个东方, 这一刻,任何奇迹和梦想都有可能发生。欢迎来到魔幻的黄金20年代,大幕即将拉开。


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