2023 Election AGM Candidate Nomination

January 30, 2023 / CanCham

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai’s Annual General Meeting this year includes the election of a new Board of Directors for the 2023-2025 term. The following is an important reminder of election qualifications and requirements in compliance with CanCham’s constitution. Please take some time to read and consider making a nomination for the future Board of Directors.

Election Details and Nomination Requirements


  • The Board of Directors shall consist of ten (10) elected members, one (1) ex-officio member, and one (1) Executive Director.
  • The ten (10) elected members of the Board of Directors shall be elected by voting members of the Chamber at the Election AGM and shall serve until the next Election AGM.
  • The Treasurer shall be elected at the Election AGM. The position requires that the candidate be a CPA in good standing or has equivalent accounting experience and should automatically become one (1) member of the ten (10) directors forming the Board of Directors of the Chamber.
  • The one (1) ex-officio member of the Board of Directors, who shall also be the Vice Chair (Ex Officio), shall be the Senior Trade Commissioner of the Canadian Consulate General in Shanghai. The ex-officio member shall have no voting rights at a meeting of the Board of Directors.
  • Elected members of the Board of Directors shall serve a two (2) year term immediately following an Election AGM. After completion of their first term, each Board member may stand for election for a second term should they so wish.
  • Elected members of the Board of Directors may not serve on the Board of Directors for more than two (2) consecutive full terms.
  • The Executive Director of the Chamber shall be granted one vote at all Board Meetings, AGM and EGM.


  • The Board of Directors shall be the highest authority of the Chamber. The duties of the Board of Directors are to oversee and make decisions with respect to the programs sponsored by the Chamber and other activities of the Chamber, and to make decisions on matters affecting the Chamber at AGM or EGM.
  • The Board of Directors shall act in accordance with the wishes of the Chamber as expressed in an AGM or EGM and shall remain subordinate to the AGM or EGM.
  • The outgoing Board of Directors shall meet the incoming Board of Directors at the first Board Meeting held following an Election AGM or EGM to ensure organizational continuity and good governance of the Chamber after the election.


  • The Board shall coordinate the nomination of candidates for election to the Board of Directors at an Election AGM. Each nomination must be signed by three voting members in good standing. The Executive Director or his/her designate shall keep the Board informed of all nomination activities and shall present a list of nominees in writing to the Board at least (35) calendar days to the date of the Election AGM. The Executive Director of the Chamber shall distribute the nominations to members at least (30) calendar days prior to the time and date of the Election AGM. 
  • Nominees for the Treasurer shall consist of certified public accountants licensed in Canada or any persons with an accounting background that the Board deems as appropriate and capable of managing the financial operations of the Chamber. The Treasurer shall supervise the Executive Director in his/her accounting responsibilities, shall audit the accounting records regularly during the year and shall report the results to the Board.
  • Nominations submitted by the Board shall stand at the Election AGM.
  • At an Election AGM, any three (3) voting members in good standing may nominate a candidate from the floor.


  • Only Voting Representatives for Corporate Members, Voting Representative for Associate Members, Voting Representatives for Government & Trade Association Members, or Individual Members are qualified to run for the Board of Directors of the Chamber.


  • The Chair and Vice-Chair (Private Sector) shall be elected by and from the Board of Directors at their first meeting after the Election AGM and at any other times when necessary.


  • You may vote if you are either an Individual member or the voting representative of a Platinum, Corporate, Government & Trade Association or Academy member.
  • Honorary Members and Non-members may not vote.

If you are interested in running for the board, please contact Executive Director Matt Whately for more information (matt@cancham.asia).

A list of Nominees will be made available to all members on March 1st

Please also be aware that any member resolutions to be discussed and voted on at the AGM must be submitted to the CanCham Board by March 9th