2021 CanCham Retreat Recap

July 22, 2021 / Admin

This past weekend, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai held the 2021 CanCham Retreat. It was a chance for the CanCham Board, Advisory Council, and Chamber Staff to meet, discuss, and align on strategies going forward.

The theme of the retreat was Vision & Execution, where in the chamber reviewed and updated our goals, scope, and mission statement to reflect a new and ever-changing business landscape. Additionally, the Chamber reviewed whom our stakeholders are in order to better allocate our resources to create ever-greater value for our members and community. Beyond that, the Chamber reviewed our membership, events, and communications results and strategies going forward in order to execute the vision agreed upon.

The day was full of lively discussion, great input, and wonderful energy from all participants. Overall we achieve an alignment of Vision, on where we want our great Chamber to go. Stand by for the Execution, many great things coming!