Government of Alberta China Office

The Alberta China Offices, which located in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou, work to build stronger, mutually beneficial economic ties between Alberta and China.
China is a key trading partners for Alberta in the world:
• China is Alberta’s second largest trading partner. Value of Alberta exports to China has reached $5.5B in 2023.
• China has the world’s second largest economy by nominal GDP, totaling around US$18.32 trillion in 2022, accounted for around 18% of global economy in 2022.
• As the world’s second-largest importer of agricultural and agri-food products. China’s population of over 1.4 billion citizens makes it a substantial market for Alberta export businesses.
Alberta China Offices’ Role in China
Based on Alberta’s strategic objectives and China’s market demand and needs, Alberta China Offices supports a broad set of government initiatives and priorities, including:
• promote trade with China
• attract investment to Alberta
• advocate on behalf of Alberta
• attract talent
• research and innovation collaboration
The Alberta China Offices promote Alberta products and services, connects Alberta companies to Chinese buyers, and helps Chinese companies in seizing investment opportunities in Alberta and setting up a presence across a variety of sectors, including energy, agriculture, forestry, cleantech, life science, ICT, education, healthcare, manufacturing, aviation, logistics, and tourism.
The Alberta China Offices help Alberta companies attend various influential trade promotion events to showcase Alberta’s world-class products and services in China