Message from the Chair

I’m delighted to present the 2018 annual report of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (“CanCham”) to you, our valued members, and to the greater Canadian business community of Shanghai. I am both honored and privileged to serve with an exceptional group of board members – supporting Canadian business and community interests in Shanghai and building on the foundation established through the years by our passionate members, and previous board members. Our community of more than 500 individual members and 167 of corporate members remains close knit and strong. We look forward to continuing our efforts to provide the support our members need when doing business in Shanghai.

Looking back, 2018 proved once again be another successful year for CanCham. A few of the highlights include::

  • Hosting the Honourable Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance;
  • Our Canada Day showcase, an annual event that brought together over 1,300 people this year from the local and Canadian communities to experience all the hospitality and culture Canada has to offer;
  • Receiving Montreal and Atlantic province delegations to the first-ever China International Import Expo;
  • Conducting more than 40 events over the course of the year, including business events such as the “E-commerce Seminar” and “Grant Thornton Tax Seminar” to help our business leaders stay on top of local matters; and,
  • Continuing to facilitate community driven marquee, networking events like the Annual Maple Leaf Ball and Christmas Dinner.

As we move forward into 2019, we look forward to enhancing our value added involvement with key events and will focus on expanding our membership base through personal outreach and social media. Our new website is set to launch next month and we anticipate it will serve as an effective communication tool for our local community and international community. When coupled with our existing WeChat account and newsletters, we will be well positioned to expand the effectiveness of our communication with all our members and prospective members.

Our success would be impossible without the tireless efforts of the Canadian Consulate, led by our Consul General Weldon Epp, to promote, inform, introduce and facilitate the tremendous opportunities Shanghai has to offer, across all sectors of industry for Canadian companies.

Thank you to all our members and platinum members Air Canada, BMO, Canpotex, CN, Manulife-Sinochem and Westbank.

Thank you to the Executive Team of CanCham and our Executive Director Helene Larochelle, who has served the Canadian community in Shanghai in an exceptionally diligent and effective manner these past 3 years. Helene will be relocating to Australia and we will shortly be announcing her replacement.

And finally, thank you to the Board of Directors for taking the time to serve the community and CanCham.

In closing, time certainly does move quickly in Shanghai. If feels like just yesterday when 5 years ago I sat in my first board meeting with Cancham. This year will mark the end of my tenure as a both board member and Chairman as per our constitutional guidelines. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed my involvement with the Chamber and the people I met and collaborated with over the years. I look forward to continuing my support of both our new board and Chairman, as they move forward to execute their vision of how to cultivate a thriving Canadian community in Shanghai.

Jim Athanasopoulos
CanCham Chairman


上海加拿大商会由董事会领导,其中包括11名当选委员和1名当然委员组成。这些董事会成员是加拿大跨国公司的代表,或是在中国经营自己企业的加拿大企业家。这些董事代表了加拿大在中国商业领域的多样性和实力。董事会成员负责制定和推动政策, 并就商会的所有活动提供指导。

  • Honorary President
    Weldon Epp
    Consul General of Canada in Shanghai
  • Vice-chair Ex-Officio
    Jean Christian Brillant
    Deputy Consul General & Senior Trade Commissioner
  • Chair of the Board
    Kai Zhang
    President & CEO of Manulife-Sinochem
  • Vice-Chair of the Board
    Mikeal Charette
    President of Well Asia Group
  • Jean-Francois Lepine
    Directeur des Représentations du Gouvernement du Québec en Chine
  • Veronique Gong
    Chief Representative in Asia National Bank
  • Olivier Brault
    General Manager - Asia Pacific Soprema Canada
  • Tony Jaw
    Executive Director of SQI Company Inc.
  • Mark Ceolin
    President - Red Gate
  • Russel Aydin
    International Counsel Jade & Fountain PRC Lawyers
  • Donghai Du
    VP Marketing North Asia Canpotex
  • Victor Cui
    CEO International ONE Championship






  • Mark Ceolin
    Council Chair
    CEO of Red Gate International
  • Colin Bogar
    Council Vice-Chair
    Managing Director MG Pacific
  • Stuart Mercier
    Vice President
    Bookfield Asset Management
  • Olivier Brault
    General Manager
    Soprema(Shanghai) Construction Materials Trade
  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin Associates
  • Richard Choi
    Chief Representative
    Saskatchewan China Trade & Investment Office
  • Sean Goff
    General Manager(Asia)
  • Anthony Fong
    Liburdi Engineering Ltd.
  • Guy Mills
    Manulife Insurance Hong Kong
  • Winston Kan
    Managing Director
    The Government of Alberta Beijing Office
  • Olivia Zhou
    Board Director
    EHC Global
  • Bryce Jenner
    True Legend Hospitality Group
  • Alan Lu
    Country Manager of Petro Canada