UBC IMBA Program Manager (Shanghai)

This position is responsible for managing the local operations of the IMBA Program in China which includesA�program marketing, recruitment, admissions, academic support, student advising and external liaison of theA�UBC IMBA in Shanghai. The UBC IMBA is offered in Shanghai in co-operation with Shanghai Jiao tongA�University (SJTU) so the office is located in Shanghai, China.
BUSINESS TITLE: IMBA Program Manager (Shanghai)
EMPLOYMENT GROUP: Management&Professional (AAPS)

FAMILY:A�Student Management

JOB CODE:A�186103 – Student Management, Level C
VP/FACULTY: The Sauder School of Business
DEPARTMENT:A�The Sauder School of Business
The position reports to the Academic Director of the IMBA and the Director of Recruitment & Admissions at theA�Sauder School of Business in Vancouver. The position will also work closely with the Director appointed byA�SJTU in Shanghai.
Marketing, Recruiting & Admissions:
  • Designs the annual marketing plan with input from the academic director and other relevant people. OrganizesA�resources in the Shanghai Office to execute the marketing plan. Manages other relevant marketing activities.
  • Promotes the UBC IMBA in China via media advertising, information sessions, networking seminars and otherA�suitable methods.
  • Researches and conducts appropriate visits to a variety of contacts in enterprise both in private and publicA�organizations in Shanghai and its vicinity to attract applications and corporate sponsorships.
  • Organizes all student recruitment activities in China and researches relevant competitors annually forA�recommended activities for the future.
  • Organizes and implements follow-up activities with potential candidates after information sessions, educationA�fairs and direct mailing campaigns.
  • Responds to program inquiries and manages databases for prospective applicants.
  • Meets, screens, interviews and performs background checks for all applicants to make recommendations forA�admission decisions. Facilitates complete application materials to the Sauder School of Business in Vancouver.
  • Represents the school at MBA fairs to promote the IMBA, and other Sauder programs as required.
  • Alumni Relations, Student Services, & Academic Support:
  • Organizes events and activities related to the UBC IMBA for students and alumni.
  • Manages alumni relationships and database contacts.
  • Acts as a liaison between IMBA students in Shanghai and the Sauder School of Business in Vancouver onA�complex issues. Interprets and enforces academic policies and provides advice to students as required.
  • Oversees local office operations in Shanghai for the program. Hires, trains and evaluates local supportA�employees as required. Manages staff team and helps to manage finances for IMBA in Shanghai.
  • Oversees local Shanghai logistics to provide teaching support for academic courses for instructors andA�students.
  • Oversees and evaluates local student service support and recommends policy or procedural changes.
  • Ensures academic standards and procedures are carried out in Shanghai in appropriate manners that upholdA�the academic integrity of the program and the school.
  • Provides input into annual program budgets and forecasting.
  • Researches information and provides support for other relevant business school activities in China.
  • Performs other duties as required for the program and the school.
This position plays a key role in the success of the UBC IMBA since the program is offered off site in anotherA�location from the Sauder School of Business. This position is responsible for program objectives that are tiedA�strongly to student enrolment and satisfaction of the program. Poor decisions will impact the short and longA�term goals of the operations and financial viability of the program. Errors in judgement could significantly affectA�the administration of the program and reputation of the school and the university. Poor management couldA�result in disgruntled staff, unhappy students and possible damage to the relationship between UBC Sauder andA�SJTU Antai. Office environment at SJTU in Shanghai, China.
This position works independently under guidance of the Academic Director and broad direction from the
Associate Dean of Graduate Professional Porgrams and the Director of Recruitment & Admissions.
Supervises staff team in Shanghai.
Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Business Degree preferably an MBA. Minimum of three yearsA�experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience working or studying inA�China. Must be fluent in both English and Chinese (Mandarin) languages. Demonstrated skills and aptitude forA�sales and marketing. Strong computer literacy. Staff supervisory experience. Must be able to work weekends,A�evenings as well as some travel as required. Good communication skills and proven ability to work well inA�cross-cultural team environments.


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