Training Plans that Get Results

Is the money you spend on training getting the results you need? Do your training programs support your business plan? Does your training address the core competencies of your business? If you answeredA�NoA�to any of these questions, then you will benefit by attending this short workshop: Training Plans that get Results! EunaCon HR in Shanghai will facilitate this high powered and insightful workshop. If you feel that you need better results to really impact the business with your learning and development programs, then spend a half day with us and benefit. Topic 1: Linking Core Competencies to Job Design Facilitator: Mr.Eckhard Michel, MD a�� EunaCon HR Services & Solutions( Eckhard Michel has more than 20 years of valuable experience, with more than 10 years in China a�� in the public and private sector in several key positions as manager, consultant, trainer and coach. His fields of expertise are within the automotive industry, machine and ship building, HR services, consulting, education and health care for global companies, Chinese corporations and SMEs.A�He also provides cross-cultural leadership and management training and coaching of Western executives working in China. Now Eckhard is leading executive search projects for western companies and is focused on helping clients find a good a�?person-job-fita�?. Eckhard will show you examples of job descriptions that attract the right talent, and correctly identify the key tasks and core functions. He will also give advice on how to include elements of the position descriptions that can be used for performance measurement targets and KPIs. A� Topic 2: Identifying Needs & Developing Training Plans Facilitator: Mr. Paul von Wittgenstein, GM a�� CanadAsia Management Development Ltd.( Paul von Wittgenstein has been living in and working in China since 1998. Over the sixteen years he has been in China, he has held management positions in manufacturing companies, quality control companies and professional services and education companies. Paul spent 6 years on the front lines of the Chinese education system. He has successfully served over 100 multinational companies in China through staff skills development in business communication, interpersonal and organizational skills, sales and marketing skills. He also assists clients in identifying training needs and developing training plans that focus on competencies for business impact. Paul will help you to understand the most common and practical methods for identifying and prioritizing training needs. Then how to factor in budget, business cycles, training vendors and other key components for developing a training plan that aligns with business needs. He has successfully delivered similar programs to organizations such as: Fairchild Semiconductors,A�Haworth, Hella, Nokia,Parker Hannefin and STATSChipPac. This program will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis with confirmed registration. It is limited to a maximum of 10 participants.A�You can share your real cases with us so that we can analyze, look for solutions, suggest strategies and share best practices.A�Dona��t miss the chance to interact with some of Chinaa��s most experienced HR consultants. A� Language:A�English A� Date:A�Friday, June 27, 2014 A� Time:A�12:30-17:30 12:30a��13:30 light lunch and networking 13:30-17:30 (workshop) A� Cost:A�1,500 RMB per personA� (10% discount for early registration) A� Registration Deadline:A�16:00, June 23, 2014 A� Earlybird Registration:A�16:00 June 17, 2014 A� Participants:A�HR, Learning & Development, and Training Managers in China (limited to 10 participants) A� Location:A�EunaCon Group of Companies (6thA�Floor Meeting Room)

Unit 605, Bldg.No.1, 3000 Longdong Ave., Pudong, 201203 Shanghai, PRC

Program Information Contact:A�Paul von Wittgenstein a��A� A� Registration in English:A�Ani Wang a��A��- Tel. +86 21 6165 0280*0 a�� MP 136 1169 0060 Registration in Chinese:A�Christina Liu -A�christina.liu@eunacon.cnA�- Tel. +86 21 68790001*1041 a�� MP 186 1160 9216

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