Top 5 ways to have a piece of Quebec in Shanghai!

Ita��s true, therea��s no place like home.

Being away from Quebec for a long period of time can be demoralizing. Sure, therea��s the excitement of residing in one of the busiest, fastest cities of Asia, but nothing can really replace that feeling of being home. Here are our top picks for bringing a little more of the beautiful province into your life!

5 a�� EAT!
From time to time we all crave something that reminds us of home, andA�Big BambooA�is the best place to satisfy our appetite for cheesy comfort food (Poutine anyone?) without having to go very far!
For a homemade experience, head over to theA�Avocado Lady. Youa��ll find treasures as exotic in Shanghai as they are essential for a Quebecoisa��s well being. Potatoes? Check! Barbecue sauce? Yes! Cheese? Of course!!

4 a�� READ!
Missing the thrill of reading a book in its original language, the subtleties of language that get lost in translation? The reading clubA�L’Arbre du VoyageurA�offers a superb selection of French language books for all ages and interests. Youa��ll also find Chinese and foreign language literature, translated in French.

3 a�� LISTEN!
Got the blues because youa��re about to miss the 33rd edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival? Dona��t you worry! Shanghai has everything covered with its own Jazz elites: this week, head over to theA�JZ Club, and be blown away by the cluba��s world-class musicians!

2 a�� WATCH!
Film enthusiasts! The 15th edition ofA�Shanghai international film Festival (SIFF)is taking place from june 16 to june 24, and you dona��t want to miss it! For a third year running Canada’s film industry will be back with an exceptional line-up of 19 films, including one featurea�� Quebecer Micheline LanctA?t’s Pour l’amour de Dieu (For the Love of God)a��in official competition.

1 a�� CONNECT!
Home is where the heart is, and youa��ll certainly feel at home on June 21st from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM, for Quebeca��s biggest night of the year! Join the party as the Canadian Chamber commemoratesA�Quebec National DayA�atA�Resto-Bar The Roof, and meet fellow Quebecois, Canadians, and friends of Quebec! Menu includes salad, finger food, and Poutine of course, and there will be a lucky draw!

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