Top 5 ways to have a piece of Quebec in Shanghai!

It’s true, there’s no place like home.

Being away from Quebec for a long period of time can be demoralizing. Sure, there’s the excitement of residing in one of the busiest, fastest cities of Asia, but nothing can really replace that feeling of being home. Here are our top picks for bringing a little more of the beautiful province into your life!

5 – EAT!
From time to time we all crave something that reminds us of home, and Big Bamboo is the best place to satisfy our appetite for cheesy comfort food (Poutine anyone?) without having to go very far!
For a homemade experience, head over to the Avocado Lady. You’ll find treasures as exotic in Shanghai as they are essential for a Quebecois’s well being. Potatoes? Check! Barbecue sauce? Yes! Cheese? Of course!!

4 – READ!
Missing the thrill of reading a book in its original language, the subtleties of language that get lost in translation? The reading club L’Arbre du Voyageur offers a superb selection of French language books for all ages and interests. You’ll also find Chinese and foreign language literature, translated in French.

Got the blues because you’re about to miss the 33rd edition of the Montreal Jazz Festival? Don’t you worry! Shanghai has everything covered with its own Jazz elites: this week, head over to the JZ Club, and be blown away by the club’s world-class musicians!

2 – WATCH!
Film enthusiasts! The 15th edition of Shanghai international film Festival (SIFF)is taking place from june 16 to june 24, and you don’t want to miss it! For a third year running Canada’s film industry will be back with an exceptional line-up of 19 films, including one feature— Quebecer Micheline Lanctôt’s Pour l’amour de Dieu (For the Love of God)—in official competition.

Home is where the heart is, and you’ll certainly feel at home on June 21st from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM, for Quebec’s biggest night of the year! Join the party as the Canadian Chamber commemorates Quebec National Day at Resto-Bar The Roof, and meet fellow Quebecois, Canadians, and friends of Quebec! Menu includes salad, finger food, and Poutine of course, and there will be a lucky draw!

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