Special Discount for CanCham Members from Smile Dental

*Members of Cancham benefit from discounted fees, with 30% off for teeth whitening and for Orthodontics.

*First visit offered free of charge for consultation and X-ray.

Expiry date : 31th August 2013

Smile Dental | You’ve come to know Smile Dental as the health-oriented professionals who always have your overall well-being in mind. Smile Dental offers complete oral care, from teeth cleaning and whitening to cosmetic restoration, Cerec© one-stop tooth replacement, implants, crowns, bridges and denture realignment services, to gum disease treatment and oral surgery, all within one facility!

Contact:+86 15801973915



No.215,4F, Hefei Road, Sh

思迈登口腔门诊部 上海市合肥路215号4楼

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