Sino Youth World Cup 2012 and Family Day

Last year saw theA�Sino Youth World Cup kick off for the very first time. The competition was enormously and instantly popular, attracting teams from all over Shanghai. The tournament for this year, which will be held on the 9th of June, is bound to be even bigger and better. A total of 280 players from 22 teams are aiming to win the 2012 Sino Youth World Cup. Divided into 4 different age groups (Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, and Under 14), the battle among junior warriors for the glorious victory is already on the way since the 24th of March, and a tight title race is expected until the final day of the 2012 Sino Youth World Cup. Every seven-on-seven match will be made up of two 15-minute halves, and is sure to be a fantastic and entertaining showcase for the young talent Shanghai has to offer.

Have a look, our finalists are listed below:

U8: AKSIL(Dragons), DSS, Jin-Cai, Team Awesome

U10: AKSIL (Eagles), AKSIL(Lions), AKSIL(Tigers), Awesome FC, ISFC, Ri-Hui

U12: AKSIL(Eagles), AKSIL(Lions), AKSIL(Tigers), DSS, LFS(A), Sunshine(Jaguar)

U14: AKSIL(Lions), DSS, JSS, LFS, Nan-Yang, Tian-Lin

However, please dona��t mistake this as just a youth soccer tournament; we will be launching the Puxi Family Day along with it! Come cheer on your teams or just enjoy the festival of games and food with your family. Ultimately, theA�2012 Sino Youth World CupA�championship hopes to become Shanghaia��s biggest youth sporting event.

About Family DayCity Weekend & Green City Family Day is the city’s biggest outdoor family event held in October every year. Now we are partnering with East Asia Sports to bring you the Puxi version. Expat families from all over Shanghai will gather at the East Asia Sports Stadium to join in on a full day of stage shows, food, games, prizes, sports experience area and the main event– 2012 SinoA�Youth World Cup, Shanghaia��s 2nd Annual Youth Soccer Tournament.

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