Shanghaia��s New Free Trade Zone a�� What It Means for Waigaoqiao and Lingang

China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone was officially launched less than a month ago, with implications at both the national and local level. Though the zone is still in its earliest stages, and many specific details have yet to be worked out, the government’s direction is clear: a major policy upgrade for Shanghai four existing bonded areas.

This has come as both the previously existing Waigaoqiao Bonded and Logistics zones, as well as the Lingang area, have been going through significant changes and upgrades. What will this additional boost from the Free Trade Zone plan mean for the real estate markets in these areas? Through meetings with government officials and an analysis of the current market trends in these zones, Colliers looks at what the new policy may mean for industrial property in Waigaoqiao and Lingang, and where the potential business opportunities may lay.


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