Senior Merchant Development Manager [Colourful (China) Company Limited]

Company: Colourful (China) Company Limited

Location: No.333 Huaihai Middle Road, Shui On Plaza, Shanghai

Salary: Negotiable

Please send your CV to

Key Responsibilities

  1. Develop target market and expand corresponding merchant network according to the company’s product development strategy;
  2. In charge of merchant development in certain regions; Identify target merchants according to company’s standard and follow up until deal closed;
  3. Maintain a long-term cooperation relationship with responsible merchants; Deal with merchant’s problem and requirements in time;
  4. Have a good understanding of merchants demands; Capable to offer different solutions and optimize cooperation agreement in regards to diversified products;
  5. Keep good insight of the industry trend and demands; Provide effective ideas and suggestions to new product development;
  6. Responsible for co-branding marketing events with merchants from time to time; Follow up with event evaluation and increase satisfaction level of merchants;
  7. Assist with other business requirements of related departments.


  1. College degree or above, good command of English in both oral and writing.
  2. 3 years working experience in five-star hotel PR, high-end restaurants, food related media, online/offline travel agency or related industries.
  3. Excellent negotiation and communication skill.
  4. Good market sense and demand analysis ability.
  5. Passionate, self-motivated, diligent, and strong teamwork spirit.








  1. 根据公司产品开发策略,开拓目标市场,扩大商户覆盖度;
  2. 负责所辖区域内商户开拓,根据公司商户开拓标准,寻找目标商户并跟进洽谈,直至达成合作;
  3. 维护所负责商户的长期合作关系,及时响应商户发生的问题及要求;
  4. 了解并掌握商户需求,根据产品形态提出不同的解决方案,优化合作协议;
  5. 把握行业发展趋势,了解行业需求,对新产品开发提出有效建议;
  6. 负责不定期策划举办与商户联合的市场活动,并跟进活动效果,提升商户满意度;
  7. 协助其他相关部门的业务需求


  1. 大专以上学历,良好的英文听说读写能力
  2. 具有3年以上五星级酒店公关部、高端餐饮行业、美食相关媒体、旅行社、在线旅游平台等美食旅行相关行业经验
  3. 具有优秀的谈判能力及沟通能力
  4. 具有敏锐的市场洞察力和需求分析能力
  5. 充满激情,积极主动,认真负责,良好的团队合作精神