Sales and Marketing with DDI Leisure






REPORTS  TO: Sales & Marketing Manager



Purposeof Position:

Membership matriculation is the key  purpose followed by keeping good professional relationships with the  members.  It is also important to maintain accurate and up to date  membership records and support the Sales and Marketing Director in conducting  all Club events.


Skills & Knowledge Required:

1.     Comprehensive knowledge of membership sales strategies.

2.     Ability to talk about club concept, history and  heritage.

3.     Good people skills with the ability to interact with  members and guests from various backgrounds.

4.     Strong customer service skills.

5.     Strong presentation skills.

6.     Ability to multi-tasks.

7.     Excellent organizational skills and be able to meet  deadlines.

8.     Ability to work with sensitive and confidential  information.

9.    Knowledge of word processing,  spreadsheet, accounting applications and database management software.

10.  High-end customer resources in American market is  highly preferred.




Club Team Member:

1.    Though  the principal responsibilities of this position are associated with the Sales & Marketing Director,  there will be times when staff from one department will be needed to help  another department. Any requirements will be directed by theSales & Marketing Director.

2.    Tocomplywithallstandardsofperformance,behavior,andoperationalpoliciesand  procedures inplaceat theClubat  all times.

3.    Participates  in outside activities that are judged as appropriate to enhance the prestige  of the company; broadens the scope of the company’s operations by fulfilling  the public obligations of the company as a participating member of the  community.

4.    Projects  the image of the Club by adopting a professional approach, being sincere  without being patronizing.



Work  Experience & Education:
1.     Graduate qualification.

2.    Minimum 2-3 years experience  working in serving HNW clients, with experience in hotel, PR and  advertisement company as well, high quality Club experience preferred



Principal Responsibilities:

Principal Duties:

1.     Achieve membership sales target set by the management.

2.      Liaise with  sales and marketing departments for other elements of the resort to ensure a  consistent marketing message is used and that all amenities maximize cross  marketing opportunities

3.     Implement membership sales procedures and practices to  ensure the process is conducted professionally.

4.     Proactively look for opportunities to generate  membership sales leads.

5.     Proactively look for opportunities to offer members  increased or better quality membership benefits.

6.     Manage the membership renewal process.

7.     Regularly disseminate club information to the  membership and membership prospects.

8.     Maintain accurate and up to date member records and  information on membership prospects.

9.     Periodically assist Sales and Marketing Director to  conduct member satisfaction surveys collating the results and presenting them  to the General Manager.

10.  To act as a highly visible front  of house contact for members and guests to approach should they have  enquiries or complaints.

11.  To establish friendly and  trusting relationships with members and guests.

12.  Collate detailed utilization data  for the membership department.

13.  Ensure that any events or  promotions are well promoted to the membership and encourage participation.

14.  To attend various hospitality or  lifestyle related meetings, exhibitions and conferences and represent the  club at external meetings and exhibitions as necessary.



Physical Requirements:

1.      Dress  and groom in a professional, and hygienic manner and wear any given uniform  by the company.



Contact if you wish to apply.

M: +86-13681796132   • T: +86 021 – 8025 8666 ext. 8019