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REPORTS A�TO: Sales & Marketing Manager




Membership matriculation is the key A�purpose followed by keeping good professional relationships with the A�members.A� It is also important to maintain accurate and up to date A�membership records and support the Sales and Marketing Director in conducting A�all Club events.


Skills &A�KnowledgeA�Required:

1.A�A�A� A�Comprehensive knowledge of membership sales strategies.

2.A�A�A� A�Ability to talk about club concept, history and A�heritage.

3.A�A�A� A�Good people skills with the ability to interact with A�members and guests from various backgrounds.

4.A�A�A� A�Strong customer service skills.

5.A�A�A� A�Strong presentation skills.

6.A�A�A� A�Ability to multi-tasks.

7.A�A�A� A�Excellent organizational skills and be able to meet A�deadlines.

8.A�A�A� A�Ability to work with sensitive and confidential A�information.

9.A�A�A�A�Knowledge of word processing, A�spreadsheet, accounting applications and database management software.

10.A�A�High-end customer resources in American market is A�highly preferred.




Club Team Member:

1.A�A�A�A�Though A�the principal responsibilities of this position are associated with theA�Sales & Marketing Director, A�there will be times when staff from one department will be needed to help A�another department. Any requirements will be directed by theSales & Marketing Director.

2.A�A�A�A�Tocomplywithallstandardsofperformance,behavior,andoperationalpoliciesand A�proceduresA�inplaceatA�theClubat A�allA�times.

3.A�A�A�A�Participates A�in outside activities that are judged as appropriate to enhance the prestige A�of the company; broadens the scope of the companya��s operations by fulfilling A�the public obligations of the company as a participating member of the A�community.

4.A�A�A�A�Projects A�the image of the Club by adopting a professional approach, being sincere A�without being patronizing.



Work A�Experience & Education:
1.A�A�A� A�Graduate qualification.

2.A�A�A�A�Minimum 2-3 years experience A�working in serving HNW clients, with experience in hotel, PR and A�advertisement company as well, high quality Club experience preferred



Principal Responsibilities:

Principal Duties:

1.A�A�A� A�Achieve membership sales target set by the management.

2.A�A�A� A�A�Liaise with A�sales and marketing departments for other elements of the resort to ensure a A�consistent marketing message is used and that all amenities maximize cross A�marketing opportunities

3.A�A�A� A�Implement membership sales procedures and practices to A�ensure the process is conducted professionally.

4.A�A�A� A�Proactively look for opportunities to generate A�membership sales leads.

5.A�A�A� A�Proactively look for opportunities to offer members A�increased or better quality membership benefits.

6.A�A�A� A�Manage the membership renewal process.

7.A�A�A� A�Regularly disseminate club information to the A�membership and membership prospects.

8.A�A�A� A�Maintain accurate and up to date member records and A�information on membership prospects.

9.A�A�A� A�Periodically assist Sales and Marketing Director to A�conduct member satisfaction surveys collating the results and presenting them A�to the General Manager.

10.A�A�To act as a highly visible front A�of house contact for members and guests to approach should they have A�enquiries or complaints.

11.A�A�To establish friendly and A�trusting relationships with members and guests.

12.A�A�Collate detailed utilization data A�for the membership department.

13.A�A�Ensure that any events or A�promotions are well promoted to the membership and encourage participation.

14.A�A�To attend various hospitality or A�lifestyle related meetings, exhibitions and conferences and represent the A�club at external meetings and exhibitions as necessary.



Physical Requirements:

1.A�A�A�A�A�A�Dress A�and groom in a professional, and hygienic manner and wear any given uniform A�by the company.



ContactA� if you wish to apply.

M: +86-13681796132A�A� a�? T: +86 021 – 8025 8666 ext. 8019