Registration Now Open: Bombardier Canada Day Volleyball Tournament

Join the Bombardier Canada Day Volleyball Tournament on June 28th at the Bund Beach.

Great teambuilding opportunity!


CanCham Members only until June 20th.

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Basics of the Tournament:

The tournament will take place from 2:00pm to 6:30pm

5 teams will be competing

Each team must have a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 10 players

Maximum of 5 players on the court at one time, rotations are mandatory

There will be three rounds: quarter finals, semi-finals and finals

The tournament will be double-elimination

One match consists of 2 sets of 11 points each, a tie breaks at 4 points

The final match consists of 2 sets of 15 points each

Matches have to be won by 2 points, except for tie breaks

Each team plays at least twice

Court dimensions: 16m long and 8m wide, net at about 2m to 3m high

Responsibilities of Team Captains:


Recruit a team with 6 – 10 players, ensure that substitutes are ready to play when called upon

Coordinate with his or her team members to ensure court coverage (who plays where and when)

Be a reliable contact and liaison with the organization

Gather his or her team for each set in a timely fashion

Attend the pre-tournament meeting on the day of the event, scheduled for 2:00pm

Preparing for Your Match:


Every team should be at the court ready to play during the match beforetheirs (around 15 minutes early)

If a team is not present at the scheduled time, that team will be disqualified and their opponent will qualify for the next round

Should a team be missing players, the captain will have to make the decision to playor forfeit the match. No delays will betolerated in the schedule, in order to be fair to teams who are ready on time

Each match will last approximately 20 minutes, with a 5 minute break between matches

Canada Day in Shanghai
Date: Saturday June 28th, 2014

Time: 1:30 – 7:00 PM


Venue: The Bund Beach

Address: The Cool Docks, Wharf 1846

421 Waima Lu, near Maojiayuan Lu


Member Price: 100 RMB

Non-Member Price: 150 RMB












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