canadian elections

PM Stephen Harper Dissolves Parliament; Election Date Set for Oct. 19th

On Sunday Aug. 2nd, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has launched the the longest election campaign in Canadian History.

The candidates will campaign for 11 weeks, with the general election scheduled for Monday A�Oct. 19th.

Main Themes For This Election

  • The Economy
  • National Security
  • Canada’s Middle Class
  • An accountable government


Stephen Harper – Conservative

Thomas Mulcair – NDP

Justin Trudeau -A�Liberal

Elizabeth May – Green Party

Gilles Duceppe – Bloc QuA�bA�cois

Supreme court votes ‘No Voting’ rights for long-term Canadian Expats

Ontarioa��s top court has decided long-term expats have no right to vote in federal elections.The Appeal Court ruling overturns an earlier decision that effectively enfranchised the group.That means more than one million Canadians living abroad for more than five years cannot cast ballots.

The Appeal Court accepted the governmenta��s view that allowing the expats to vote was unfair to Canadians living in Canada.The decision, however, was not unanimous, with one justice dissenting.The case was brought by two Canadians living in the United States who argued they maintain strong ties to Canada.

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