The Official Opening of B+H Butterfly Pavilion in Shanghai in Thanks to the People of Shanghai for 20 Years of Designing in China

[Shanghai, China, October 31, 2012] Opening ceremonies were held on Wednesday, October 31, to celebrate the new B+H Butterfly Pavilion in Daning Lingshi Park, in Shanghaia��s Zhabei District.A� The Official Ceremonies were presided over by Mr. Lin Longbin, Deputy Governor of Zhabei District, Mr. Rick Savone, Consul General, Canadian Consulate of Shanghai, and Ms. Karen Cvornyek, President Asia, B+H Architects.

The Butterfly Pavilion is a new structure, built on the crest of a hill within Daning Lingshi Park, which is designed and donated by B+H Architects to the people of Shanghai, as a gift to celebrate the Canadian firma��s 20 years of practice in China. The park is centrally located and is the largest green park in Shanghai. The grounds already possess attractive landscaping, and the pavilion will offer a great vantage point from which to experience the lush surroundings.

On behalf of Zhabei District, Mr. Lin Longbin, Deputy Governor, accepted a plaque commemorating the event and acknowledged the Districta��s appreciation of the gift and the new structure in th park.

Mr. Rick Savone, Consul General from the Canadian Consulate of Shanghai spoke of the growing importance of trade and between Canada and China and the increasing numbers of Canadian firms opening offices and doing business in Shanghai. Mr. Savone commented that a�?B+H Architects broke new ground in coming to China 20 years ago, and through their success established a trend for Canadian consultants that has only grown over timea�?.

Speaking on behalf of B+H Architects, Ms. Cvornyek said, a�?We have had the privilege of working in China for 20 years.A� During that time, our China offices have evolved and grown into a fulla�?service, integrated architecture, planning, interior and landscape practice with more than 140 employees in Shanghai alone.A� The experience has been extremely rewarding, both professionally and creatively, offering us the opportunity to contribute to Chinaa��s development and participate in the remarkable growth of the country and is people.A� We want to thank the people of Shanghai, and China as a whole, for the opportunities that we have enjoyed in this wonderful country.a�?

The B+H Butterfly Pavilion is a special public place that is open for every person in Shanghai to experience and enjoy. The park location is not only beautiful, but plays an important role in the life of the city.A� In addition to providing a major recreational space, the park with its variety of
different landscapes serves as a setting for many newlya�?married couples to take photographs as they celebrate the start of their new lives together.

In keeping with the theme of new beginnings and partnerships, B+H felt that there could not be a more fitting place to recognize the friendships and opportunities they have enjoyed across Chia.

The pavilion was designed to be open, welcoming, and organic a�? a new place within the park for meeting with friends and family. In designing the pavilion structure, Mr.David Stavros, Chief Designer of the pavilion drew design inspiration from the context and a variety of natural and humana�?built structures, such as Butterfly cocoons and Chinese lanterns.A� The vertical elements of the pavilion are lantern shaped to express the idea of celebration and to create an encircling backdop for portraits and photographs of families and of newlywed couples celebrating their weddings.A� Speaking of the design, Mr. David Stavros said a�?The design, a contemplative plateau imbued with cultural connotation and imagery, speaks of shared Canadian and Chinese values.a�?

Ms. Cvornyek explained: a�?we named it the Butterfly Pavilion, because of the way the platform and the vertical lanterns appear to open and emerge from the a�?cocoona�? at the back of the platform.A� Like a butterfly, the pavilion is beautiful, and at home in the natural landscape of the park.a�?

B+H is delighted to donate the pavilion to the people of Shanghai in recognition of the warm welcome and great opportunities thatShanghai and China have given to us over 20 years.

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