Welcome New Member: Asian Tigers Mobility

August 21, 2019 / Jin Zhang

CanCham welcomes its newest member, Asian Tigers Mobility!

Asian Tigers Mobility is a leading provider of international moving and relocation solutions, providing comprehensive, end-to-end mobility services tailored to our client’s needs. We have offices in 14 countries and relocate more than 16,000 families each year. Our China offices were established in 1988 and now cover 10 cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dalian, Nanjing, Qingdao, Tianjin, Wuhan and Xi’An.

We specialize in household goods being moved door-to-door worldwide and throughout China. We provide a full suite of relocation services assisting individuals and multinational corporations with their employees oninternational assignments. Our services also include office relocations and records management.

作为亚洲地区国际搬家及安居服务的领导者,泛骏华国际物流(中国)有限公司(英文名:Asian Tigers Mobility)始终致力于为客户提供专属的安居服务。每年,我们为16,000多个家庭提供专业的“门到门”安居服务。泛骏华国际物流(中国)有限公司在全球14个国家设立办事处,拥有1,400多名专业员工,通过与全球最优秀的搬迁与安居服务公司组建的服务网络为我们的客户提供最专业的服务。我们在办公室搬迁和文件仓储方面也享有盛誉。经过不断的发展,除北京总部外,在上海、广州、成都、大连、南京、青岛、天津、武汉和西安设有分公司,以便为我们的客户提供全方面的服务。

Our  services 我们的服务:

  • International Moves 国际搬家
  • Domestic Moves 国内搬家
  • Office Relocations 办公室搬迁
  • Visa & Immigration 签证和入境
  • Relocation Services 安居服务
  • Records Management 文件仓储

Website: www.asiantigers-mobility.cn 

Email: info@asiantigers-china.com

Contact phone: 400-168-2882

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/asiantigerschina

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Asian-Tigers-Mobility-ChinaQ

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