Meet CanCham’s New Event Manager: Suni

July 12, 2019 / Jin Zhang

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce Suni as our new Event Manager!

Originally born in Taiwan, Suni moved to Canada at age seventeen, and she now is currently based in Shanghai, China. As an experienced professional with over six years of demonstrated career success in fashion event planning and client account management, she has worked extensively in Taiwan and Canada before settling in Shanghai.

While studying in Canada, Suni got the opportunity to experience Canadian culture and connect with international students and many locals. Graduate of Seneca College, her education in Canada taught her the collective power of teamwork and expanded her global network of friends and colleagues. Soon after she completed her degree, she started her career as a Talent Agent in Toronto. 

After eight years in Canada, a family event brought her back to Taipei and she, in turn, began work as a fashion Event Manager. In 2016, after one year of working in Taipei, she was offered a similar position in Shanghai. 

Suni feels excited and hornored to be the new Event Manager for CanCham. She stated that…

“Working for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a goal of mine, because I feel connected to Canada and so passionate to be a working component of the relationships so pivotal between Canada and China. Though I’ve since moved back to the Far East, I will always regard Canada as a home. CanCham gives me the chance to connect with more people and I’d like to be part of that.”

CanCham is happy to have her aboard!