News Roundup: March 20

    Asian Interests Grow in Commercial Real Estate in U.S., Canada

    A new survey has revealed that International investment in commercial real estate is dominated by Asian interests in both Canada and the U.S., reports The survey, conducted by the National Association of Realtors, found that 47 percent of Canadian respondents and 41 percent of U.S. respondents indicated that their international clients were from Asian countries.

    The survey also revealed that 45 percent of realtors who practice commercial real estate in Canada saw an increase in international clients, while in the U.S. 36 percent saw an increase in international investment.

    Angel Investment Trends in Canada in 2015

    Angel investors are playing a role in Canadaa��s fast-growing tech sector, writes National Angel Capital Organization chair Michelle Scarborough in The Globe and Mail. Angel investor members of the National AngelCapital Organization (NACO) invested nearly $180 million in startups in Canada last year in businesses that ranged from medical and environmental technology to apps and more.

    Scarborough lists five evolving trends in angel investment for 2015, including investing in Made in Canada opportunities, growing diversity in investing in tech, Canada-wide cross-border syndicates with U.S.investors, collaboration on adoption of best practices between angel investors and groups and a focus on strategic exits.

    China-led Asian Investment Bank Gains Strength

    Germany, France and Italy said they agreed to join a new China-led Asian investment bank after Britain became a founder member, reports Reuters.

    Washington sees Beijinga��s flagship economic outreach project, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, as a potential rival to the World Bank, according to Reuters. The AIIB is intended to increase investment in Asia in areas including transportation, energy and telecommunications.

    Canada Pursues Business Opportunities in Southeast Asia

    Business opportunities in southeast Asia are a major focus for Canada, reports the Vancouver Sun. Canadian International Trade Minister Ed Fasta��s recent two-day trade mission to explore trade and investment opportunities in the regiona��his 13th visit in less than four yearsa��is an indication of just how seriously Canada is viewing the opportunity.

    Canadaa��s trade with the ASEAN group was $18.8 billion lastyear, a number that Fast says could be higher, according to the Sun.

    Canadian CRAFT Beer To Open Five Restaurants in Shanghai

    A joint venture agreement between Canadian-based First Growth Holdings Ltd. and the Canadian CRAFT Beer Market will see five new restaurants open throughout Shanghai later this year, reports MarketWatch.

    CRAFT Beer has been successful throughout Western Canada, with locations in Vancouvera��s Salt Building and downtown Edmonton, and has one of the largest beer selections in the country, with over 100 beers on tap. First Growth identifies and develops strong brands in the Canadian and international markets.