New Innovative Program Helps New Mothers in China Teach English to their Child


Innovative New Online Program Now Helping New Mothers in China to Teach Their Child English

a�?Babies and children are geniuses until they turn seven, and then therea��s a systematic decline,a�? says Dr. Patricia Kuhl, co-director of the Institute for Brain and Learning Sciences at the University of Washington.

With focus on the first critical period of development a�� before age 1 a�� when babies start learning the sounds of their language, Kuhla��s work plays a major role in demonstrating how early exposure to language alters the brain, and what effects this then can have on bilingualism, learning to read and other critical elements of development.

In her teama��s research, they have found that babies all over the world are a�?citizens of the world,a�? as she refers, wherein they can absorb all the sounds of all languages. As adults, we are not able to do this so easily or as well because we are bound to the language of our culture. However, she said, it is by a babya��s first birthday that this cultural language binding begins.

When babies listen to us talk, a�?a��theya��re taking statisticsa��,a�? says Kuhl, adding that babies absorb the language sounds that they are exposed to, including a second set of sounds when learning another language.

However, her teama��s studies also found that for this critical age of development, learning from a strange voice over television or radio was no match for the effectiveness of a human being, as a�?the social brain is controlling when the babies are taking their statistics,a�? she emphasized.

Baby World Language Ltd. (BWL), a new company in the area of early childhood language development, is now launching its new English program in China with an approach that is the first of its kind: an online blended-learning system that helps pregnant and new mothers become their childa��s first English language teacher for children zero to three years old.

The first year of lessons focuses on one English sound a�� phoneme a�� and one relevant topic each week, related to babya��s and moma��s daily routine with BWLa��s fun and unique poems, music and traditional nursery rhymes that reinforce the learning. By the end of the year, baby will have been exposed to all of the English sounds and useful themes, such as Food, Bath time, Colours, Music, and more.

Mothers can also choose to have additional live, online video chat support from Canadian professionals certified in early childhood education, speech and language development, teaching English as a second language and primary school teaching.

Canada is well known for being a leading country in multi-language acquisition with two official languages; English and French. For more than 35 years, Canadaa��s own, Hanen Centre, a charitable organization, has been helping families help their children communicate.

It was in the early 1970s that the approach to early language development changed its focus from solely involving a speech-language pathologist to involving the parents, as research showed the best learning occurred in their a�?natural environment, where they were motivated to communicate with the important people in their lives,a�? says the centrea��s website.

a�?We agree with the research and feel that mother must be the primary teacher because it is with mother that baby has the strongest bond, says company CEO and President, Paul von Wittgenstein, adding: a�?As long as, on a daily basis, baby hears English from mom, and later other important family members or caregivers, then baby will understand the importance of learning these sounds.a�?

von Wittgenstein, a Canadian, has been living in China since 1998 as an entrepreneur, consultant, coach and educator, across all age groups and levels of education. a�?I wondered how early one could learn English, and thata��s when the meaning of our slogan a�?a��ita��s never too young to start learninga��a�� really started to define itself,a�? he said. a�?I have always built my businesses around my clientsa�� learning outcome with maximum value,a�? he added.

Current BWL learner, Wu Huizhu, an office worker and mother of a now 1-year-old boy, said: a�?It is unimaginable that as office workers and mothers, we could stay at home and teach our children a second language so easily and conveniently.a�?

Huang Wei, Vice President of the Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press (SFLEP), said: a�?We think there is a good chance that parents are to be touched by the early learning idea of BWL. Parentsa�� English may be good enough, but they dona��t know the right way of teaching a foreign language to young children,a�? adding: a�?(with BWL), childrena��s English learning is thus started much earlier than it is practiced now and even in a way similar to how the kids are taught to speak in English-speaking countries.a�?

SFLEP has partnered with BWL in the design of a college-level, online English test to evaluate the probable English language competency level of potential clients. Based on the results of this test, BWL is able to recommend an appropriate learning program to its clients that best fits their need.

BWL has also partnered with a local maternity hospital, the Shanghai East International Medical Center, so to help mothers as early as possible. Zachary Ludington, the centera��s director of public relations and marketing, said:

a�?By teaching children at the youngest possible age while simultaneously giving parents the tools necessary to become at-home, 24-hour tutors for their children, they (BWL) are creating an environment for children to be immersed in a bi-lingual setting throughout their development.a�?

a�?Their program is of the highest quality,a�? added Ludington, saying: a�?I believe that they (BWL) will make a monumental difference to English education in China.a�?


BWLa��s promise:

Families who complete the Baby World Language program

will see their child perform better in English than other children


About Baby World Language Ltd.

Baby World Language Ltd. (BWL) is a Canadian corporation, registered in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. It was founded in August of 2011 by Canadian CEO and President Paul von Wittgenstein. BWL is a global company with initial marketing focus in China through its sister consulting company, CanadAsia Management Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. BWLa��s products and services focus on enabling pregnant and new mothers to be their childa��s first (pre-kindergarten) English teacher from the age of zero to three.

BWL has a strong international team with many years of experience in Canada and Asia in early childhood education and English language development; consulting; instructional design; and teaching English. They help mothers create a natural language learning environment for their babies in an interactive and experiential style by using our unique program of original BWL nursery rhymes, songs and other fun/creative learning activities. Their methods combine English learning with babiesa�� natural, daily routines for best effect.

BWL is a socially responsible, green company with a mission to bring safe, top quality products and services to the pre-kindergarten language learning market. a�?a�� ita��s never too young to start learning a��a�?.


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