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NEW: CanCham Member Group Insurance Plan

Members of CanCham are eligible to participate in CanChama��s Group Insurance Plan offered through Manulife-Sinochem. Members can join CanChama��s group any time of the year, however memberships must be up-to-date. Please find the details below.


Companies (3 or more individuals insured under the same company) are able to customize their plan directly with Manulife-Sinochem and take advantage of maximized discounts as CanCham members for each customized item chosen. Please contact for more information.


Plans listed below are available to all individuals, young professionals and all other CanCham Shanghai member entities requiring insurance for less than 3 individuals. Prices are listed per year in RMB under the Premium column of each chart below. Sign-ups for below plans must be done with CanCham directly and aA�one time administrative fee of RMB200 will be charged for each applicant. Please contact for more information.

What does CanCham need from you?

  1. A scanned copy and a hard copy of the Insured Persona��s Health Declaration Form. Please complete the form and dona��t forget to sign.A�Click Here to Download the Insurance Form
  2. A scanned copy and hard copy of all the foreign insured membera��s picture page of their passport passport.

Please email a soft copy of your forms to and drop off/courier your forms to the CanCham office. *Direct billing is available at an additional cost of RMB 650/person, depending on the extent of the coverage.

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