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Message From CanCham: Hockey Night in Shanghai

To The CanCham Community, In an effort to bring an important piece of Canadian culture to China,A�Canadaa��s national sport hockey, CanCham and the Shanghai Hockey Club haveA�been jointly hosting Hockey Night in Shanghai since 2011. As two non-profit,A�community-founded and based organizations, our motivations were one in theA�same. We both aimed to host an event affordable to everyone that would bringA�the entire community together in celebration of promoting something trulyA�Canadian in China.

The Feiyang Skating Center got on board as a partner of the event for bothA�the 2013 and 2014 editions, itself being a former CanCham member. As theA�event continues to grow in popularity year after year, it is clear thatA�CaCcham’s and the SHC’s years of passionate dedication have all paid off. ItA�has since come to our attention that an almost identical event will takeA�place this month. Images from our past events are being displayed in theA�marketing materials associated with it, however CanCham is not involved inA�its organization. Despite the promotional images used, this event is alsoA�not related to Canada.

We hope to continue hosting what has now become a community tradition.A�Canada is a great country with much to offer and we believe this importantA�event helps bind hockey, Canada and China together. We thank the communityA�for your ongoing support and hope that we will have the chance to bring thisA�great event back in the near future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the CanCham Office atA�info@cancham.asiaA�or 021-6075-8797.

Best Regards,

Colin Bogar, Chairman & Rebecca Copelovici, Executive Director,

CanadianA�Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai