Wailian Overseas Consulting Group

Focused on overseas immigration, investment and education, Wailian Group dedicates to covering all aspects of overseas life and providing comprehensive solutions to customers. It has set up over 30 branches in main cities across Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and Oceania. It also wins multiple industrial recognitions.

Wailian advocates a lifestyle of “immigration without inhabitation” and dedicates to the research on “Fast Immigration”, and keeps breaking its own fast track record. For example, Canadian client landed in Vancouver in as fast as 4 months, approval from the USCIS in 2 days, approval from Australian state government in 1 day, 5 days for applicants to obtain the Investor Visa of European countries without leaving China.

Wailian provides comprehensive solutions to the customers by focusing on the underlying needs of immigration and expanding the depth and breadth of international citizenship cultivation by way of quality, academic and vocational education. For example, International Training Centers for Chinese Teachers in many European courtiers and America; Discover Melody, an online platform providing music education from Juilliard and other top music schools; and WeDesign for the development of art education and designing talents, which was founded in collaboration with Simon Collins, Director of Parsons School of Design and Former Art Director of Nike.


  • Investment & Immigration 
  • Overseas Education 

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43/F, Donghai Soho, No. 299 TongRen Road, Shanghai, China  200040

Customer Service Hotline: 4000-851-851

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