Vesta Baking Solutions (SH) Limited

In 1989, Taiyin Foods Group (PTG FOOD) entered China to establish the bakery chain brand “Croissants de France”. After more than 30 years of exploration and development, PTG FOOD was pleasantly surprised by the rapid growth of Chinese baking consumption market. It also recognizes the huge market supply demand and service support. Nowadays, domestic frozen dough is mainly imported from abroad, with high cost and low flexibility. However, the local frozen dough industry started late and is still in the process of transformation to high-end direction. With the background, “Vesta Baking Solutions” came into being!

Vesta Baking Solutions is a company which is based on the spirit of craftsman, using excellent production made and continuous innovation intelligent manufacturing, restore the classical hand-made. It provides five categories including puff pastry, bread, meal, western dessert and Chinese Pastry, and produce various bakery products such as frozen dough, frozen baked products, and fresh baked products. These various categories can perfectly match the needs of different catering companies. Vesta Baking Solutions will work with our partners to bring a new and wonderful baking experience for our consumers, and at the same time establish a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation to achieve a win-win situation.