Ventum Consulting China

Results, no excuses – this is what we stand for since our journey into the digital age started 15 years ago in Munich. Today, connecting more than 20 nations, we are proud to employ 200 experts in digital business in our five branches from Germany to China. Using our unterstanding of different cultures and economic sectors, we not only bridge the gap between strategy and technology, but also between today and the connected future.

结果,没有任何借口 – 自15年前在慕尼黑开始进入数字时代以来,这就是我们的立场。如今,我们已与20多个国家/地区建立了联系,我们很自豪能够在我们从德国到中国的5个分支机构中聘请200名专家从事数字业务。利用我们对不同文化和经济部门的了解,我们不仅弥合了战略与技术之间的鸿沟,而且弥合了当今与互联的未来之间的鸿沟。