URBAN FABRIC is an exciting series of area rugs inspired by cities you love. Meticulously hand-made from NZ virgin wool and pure silk, each rug is like a miniature plush city model and tells a story about the city it represents.

URBAN FABRIC rugs are bespoke, made-to-order pieces of art. We recognize that each city has its own unique urban form and character, like a fingerprint. Every rug in our signature collection is presented in a signature shape and colorway to convey a unique sense of place. However, the rugs are fully customizable in size, color and shape as well. We make each one by hand precisely to your specifications so you can custom make a rug of your hometown, corporate headquarters, or anything you wish.

We also collaborate with a curated list of artists and architects to develop Limited Edition collections of rugs that reflect the urban environments around us. Visit our website to see the latest collections or follow us on Instagram and WeChat.

URBAN FABRIC是一系列激动人心的地毯,灵感来自您喜爱的城市。 新西兰纯羊毛和纯丝手工精心制作,每个地毯都像一个微型毛绒城市模型,讲述了它所代表的城市的故事。

URBAN FABRIC地毯是定制的,定制的艺术品。 我们认识到每个城市都有自己独特的城市形态和特征,就像指纹一样。 我们的标志性系列中的每一块地毯都以标志性的形状和色彩呈现,以传达独特的地方感。 然而,地毯的尺寸,颜色和形状也完全可定制。 我们精确地按照您的要求制作每一个,这样您就可以定制您的家乡,公司总部或任何您想要的地毯。

我们还与策划的艺术家和建筑师名单合作,开发限量版地毯系列,以反映我们周围的城市环境。 访问我们的网站,查看最新的系列或在Instagram和微信上关注我们。

INSTAGRAM: @urbanfabric_rugs

WECHAT Official Account: UrbanFabric城市地毯

WEBSITE: www.urbanfabric.ca